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  • 2021-02-19 The One that Wanted to be About Sex but Couldn’t Make it Past First Base…

    I looked into the salty air thinking about my irritation over an email I just read and said to myself “it’s time to get serious.”  Then I looked at myself in the mirror from the treadmill and said “NO!” I actually pointed at myself as I said, “NO! NOT THIS TIME.” I’m not going to […]

  • 2021-02-12 Left Brain Digital Hoarder

    2021-02-12 Left Brain Digital Hoarder

    Being “stranded” at home yesterday was good. I felt like I was really productive and balanced my time well between chores, GLR work, and the other selfish activity I had on my to-do list which was archiving content from my laptop on my external hard drive and reorganizing the drive.  I started with my music […]

  • 2021-02-11 A Quick Trip on the Memory Train

    2021-02-11 A Quick Trip on the Memory Train

    I’m walking. I’m walking. I’ve got nothing today. A full set list of stuff to get done today while I’m stranded at home. Jeep won’t start again and is parked at Jim’s office. He took my car to work today.  It’s ok because it’s the first day of my period (cuz I know you wanted […]