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  • 2022-01-03 It Can Be Whatever You Want…

    I have collected and carry with me a number of sayings. Mantras, if you will that I often turn to in times when I’m in need of grounding, or a reminder about how to live life properly. Now is one of those times and the phrase today is “It can be whatever you want. You […]

  • 2021-06-27 Super Solo Sunday Status

    Today I’m getting a half day all to myself. My man has gone “picking” with his bro at a farm in Seward Nebraska. I hadn’t heard of picking until he Introduced me to the concept and cited the show American pickers as an example. Jim is big into finding “treasure” at antique stores and estate […]

  • 2021-01-19 The One Track Mind of My Desires ☕️🍔🌮🍕🍿🍫

    I subconsciously added the word “food” in my paper planner on each day of the week this week instead of “mood.” This would be fine, except that I already have another daily goal for eating healthy which I abbreviate to “eat.” The result is the following five daily goals:  Sleep, eat, food, mind (for meditation), […]

  • 2020-12-20 Stand in the Mirror and Wait for Feedback

    Sunday again. Lacking sleep again. Still working on that lecture. On and on.  I’m trying not to freak out. You know, but there’s so much to do. Res. GLR. Christmas. Bills. You know I’ve got bills that are like 60 days past due and I can’t even begin.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me. […]

  • 2020-11-30 Bow for November

    My second full month in my new job is coming to a close. This morning I’m tasked with making breakfasts and lunches for my people and will of course get doing dishes and scooping litter boxes. And I’ll be working on the lit mag some. And hopefully finding time to read and write outside of […]

  • 2020-11-29 Rounding Up and Rounding Out

    Every morning I get at least two new-to-me poems in my email in-box. About a week ago I decided that since I’m tired of writing about The same-old-same-old AND seem to be Most inspired to write Creatively after reading new material that I would use these little nuggets as a jumping off points for new […]

  • 2020-10-27 My Days are Like the Weather in Nebraska

    Being gung-ho one day is no problem. Having big plans and Ideas and goals is easy to do for a day or two but sticking with a plan, day in and day out, is not as easy. This is why taking on bite-sized improvements is important. I can count on my 10 fingers the things […]

  • 2020-10-06 Life as a Kitten Mama

    This morning I had to take Gustav to the vet for shots and so I’m getting a strange late start to my day. These days it’s curbside appointments only. You pull up and call when you arrive and they check you in and come out to the car to get your pet. Then you wait […]

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