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  • 2022-04-13 Who Cares?

    Today I’m raging about my missing iris plants and asking myself who the fuck in my life will actually care about how I feel about this or anything else. Really.  I’m upset that I haven’t written anything decent in months and who cares. I’m angry that I’m the only one in my household that pays […]

  • 2021-05-16 Another Week in the Rearview

    It’s been a strange week.  A few days ago I had a call with my friend HL who lives in Denver, who I haven’t seen since my wedding in February of 2020.. You know, that last month of what I’m now calling “The Great Before.” Before COVID spread the world and took over the airwaves […]

  • 2021-04-07 Dirt Therapy and Other Vaccination Day Musings…

    I haven’t written much for a few days. But there’s not much to write about. 🤷‍♀️ Spring is in the air and I’m slowly getting into the groove of garden work. This is going to be my year for enjoying one of my favorite activities. This year I don’t have to balance a job with […]

  • 2020-09-27 It’s All Just So Rhetorical

    It’s overcast and there’s a soft rain falling on the patio. I can hear low rumbles in the distance letting me know the sky is threatening somewhere, out there. But not here. Here there is a calm that only Sunday morning can bring. The demons of Saturday Night have all stumbled to their beds and […]

  • 2020-05-24 Sushi Sunday Anyone? 🍣

    We had a glorious thunderstorm last night (apparently) and I woke at the end of that, happy to hear the rain as I’ve done some planting of annuals in pots the last week or so and every day it rains is a day I don’t have to. Thanks Universe! I also went back to sleep […]

  • 2020-05-04 A Zone 7 Beauty Thriving in Zone 5

    (Happy Star Wars Day Friends.. May the Force be with you today and always!) 😘 It’s a rainy Monday in Nebraska and my list of tasks never seems to lighten up. Instead of going there, though, and dwelling on the endless caravan of sideshow attractions, I’m gonna sit in the dirt and marvel at the […]

  • 2020-04-27 Today’s Big News Top 5 List

    It’s Monday again but not just any Monday. Lots of big things to report on. Perfect for a top 5 List: Thesis = Done (I’ve said that about 4 other times, but I think this is it. Yes, I still have to print copies and send to the university by snail mail, but I’m not […]

  • 2020-04-26 Sunday Un-Status

    Well.. today is the actual deadline for getting my thesis submitted for a formal format check but since I sent that off last week, I’ve already got my reply. There are changes I have to make because it’s an official university document. Some of the choices I made for section headers for the 5 sections […]

  • 2020-04-25 Just Another Rainy Saturday in April

    It could be any rainy day. It could be any April day. It could be any other day in the known and unknown calendars of the universe. But it’s not. It’s today. I didn’t have my walk today and just a little bit ago I had to take my Fitbit off cuz the battery is […]

  • 2019-08-29 Cage Match with Ornamental Grass

    It’s late in the day for me to be doing the treadmill thing and trying to come up with something to write about. I guess I don’t have to, but it feels so necessary. It’s the end-times after all, we need all the unverifiable documentation that we can get. Jim gets home from work and […]

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