2022-07-05 Welcome to July and the Conclusion to “Who Cares”

Well, friends… we’ve delicately tip-toed into July and are officially in the second half of 2022.

Here’s what I know on this fine Tuesday (that feels like a Monday) after the long holiday weekend. 

4th of July was ok, but I’m so over the fireworks? I thought the economy was hurting? Not according to the rockets red glare that’s been a beacon in the sky every night for the past four nights. Seriously. I never understood why people spend so much money on fireworks. I get it’s cool to blow stuff up, but it feels like every year it gets more out of hand.

We did a few fun things… including spending a night out at Two Rivers state park in a caboose that’s been converted into a cabin. It was cool for a hot minute and then realizing the sleeping situation was shit, I quickly got over that too. Glamping is not my thing. Neither is bike riding on bug infested dirt trails in the 95 degree heat or jumping in a river with about 200 strangers. 

That last one I officially said “nope” to in the parking lot. As we drove through, swimsuits and towels at the ready, I saw the lot was almost full and the bank by the river was infested with people. I literally said, no, I don’t think I can do this. 

Not “I don’t wanna”, but “I cant.” #truth

But for real, I’m like, we have a perfectly good pool at home where there are no strange humans and we can jump in and get out and a bathroom and shower are steps away. Why brave the river? Why?

Rivers are probably gross too. Our pool is perfectly ph balanced and salted. Great for the skin! It’s a no brainer really. So that’s what we did instead. 

Then I threw some chicken breasts on the grill and shucked some corn. It was perfect. When we were done, we showered and watched episode 8 of stranger things in the theatre room.

That’s how you do on the 4th of July. I mean, when you live in a castle, why do it any other way? 

Today it’s back to business as usual… car troubles/calling triple A, teenage boys that don’t get out of bed before 1 in the afternoon, work on The Good Life Review, and scooping litter boxes for the royalty of the palace.

But first… cardio! 

Today’s post is brought to you by the fact that my ancient iPad is churning through an IOS update. 

What else? 

Oh… here’s a great update almost nobody will care about but me. 

In fact! When I originally wrote about it, that was the exact grief I was feeling. That nobody would care. It was even the title of my post that day: 

In summary, my beloved iris plants were discovered to be missing. After a long winter and ignoring my garden area I went to survey the scene to see about prep work for spring planting. That’s when I found my beauties had been removed by our yard clean up crew. /gasp. 

This caused me a great deal of heartache. You have to read that full post to understand. Even after you read it, you might still not quite understand. Which was part of the whole “who cares” sentiment. 

Anyway, two months later my identity was stolen (again) and that’s completely unrelated except for the fact that I had a fresh need to contact the new owners of my last house (recently sold). I had tried once already to talk to the people living in the house but when I drove there and knocked on the door, nobody answered. I took a photo of the for sale sign in the yard with every intention of calling. 

But I didn’t. 

Not until I was tipped off that some nefarious party was once again using my name and SSN to open lines of credit. 😡 

I drove there again first, with my shovel in the car. Again nobody answered the door, but the sign in the yard was gone and I could tell the previous owners had already moved out because of the new chairs on the coveted front porch.

Several phone calls later (selling realtor and the agent for the buyer) and I had a promise of a call back from the person who bought the house. 

He called that evening. I asked him to watch for mail showing up with my name and also if I could dig out a few iris from the side yard. He basically said “sure.” 

He actually said they were planning on re-landscaping the whole property and to take all I wanted. So that’s what I did. 

I tried to dig a small bunch, but the bulbs were a cluster underground so I ended up with a huge clump. I just shrugged and loaded it into a cardboard box and into my car. If anyone was watching, I probably looked like a crazy person and a thief. Which is exactly when I circle back to my original statement: 

Who cares!! 

I sure didn’t. I mean if this new asshat owner of my beautiful house was going to rip out and murder all my babies and negate three years of my blood, sweat, and gardening tears… then screw it! I was going to do what I want. 

A few short weeks later and all these transplants have found new forever homes around the castle grounds. And now I can never get a divorce. 🤣

I even had some left over to give to my sister. Share the love right?!

Hopefully I can keep this “do what I want” theme going. The plants, the 4th of July…. What’s next? 

I guess stay tuned. I mean, if you care… 😜

That’s it for today. 

Cheers to July! 

~Miss SugarCookie

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