2019-08-29 Cage Match with Ornamental Grass

It’s late in the day for me to be doing the treadmill thing and trying to come up with something to write about. I guess I don’t have to, but it feels so necessary. It’s the end-times after all, we need all the unverifiable documentation that we can get.

Jim gets home from work and asks what I did today. It always feels like a question that makes me feel guilty. It shouldn’t, but it does. I fed the cats and cleaned litter boxes. I fed the fish twice and the birds. Ran the pool cleaners and put more water in (we have an undiagnosed leak). I spent two hours digging out ornamental grasses from layers of landscaping fabric, dirt, and rocks. It was out of control and frankly an eyesore. We have a lovely waterfall and stream and you can’t see it because of all that weedy looking grass. Now the grass is gone and it looks a ton better.

When I finished I was covered head to toe with dirt and sweat and itchy skin but was quite satisfied. I did not have enough motivation to get to the fun part, which is planning and replacing it all with some flowering perennials. Not sure what yet. Something low like dwarf Lillies or mums (except I hate mums) or coneflower. Ahhhh, flowers…

Anyway, I always feel like I don’t do enough, you know, around the house. It will never match what contributions he makes from the office, the hours he puts in, all the plates that are spinning all the time. I have to remind myself that what I’m doing is enough, I guess. Just appreciate it for what it is.

The hostas are in bloom now which draws a different crowd. We have had hummingbird sightings which is really cool cuz I’ve never seen one in real life before. We have a feeder out and I wonder if they are using that. It’s full of some red-sugar liquid.

The gardening kept me busy this morning and also kept me from missing my Jazzercise class since I was, once again, stuck at home. Ugh. Sucks to be a girl sometimes. Wonderful most of the time, but what a poor biological design!! I even thought about that today, with the struggle I was having with the rocks and roots and trying to pull it all apart and dig it all out. Who came up with all these crazy designs? Rocks and trees and dirt and stuff.

Probably didn’t help I was listening to “Ship of Fool” again. Lots of references to God in there, and the Devil and big cosmic-ness kind of stuff. It’s quite funny actually. I wish I had more poems on audio tracks like that. I’d love to hear more poets speak their poems. That’s probably why I like to go to readings so much. I always get inspired.

Toward the end of my pulling and digging and sweating, I was thinking of writing a poem about that. I had a pretty good title, and then a different title, and then it turned into something else in my head and by the time I was done and showered I lost most of it. But I had to shower cuz the itch was driving me batty. It’s the end times I say!

The only line I half liked from what spilled forth was this one..

“As stubborn and refusing as God’s Defense Attorney”

(The Force from the Fool poems is strong)

In other news.. There are a couple of bad-ass spider webs around the yard and I’ve left them alone. This morning I almost walked into one and the spider on it was frightened up to the top of the web and she was huge! I was all like “I know it’s going to get cold soon, but you need to stay out here and burrow into the ground or a tree or something and are NOT allowed in the house”. Yeah, the kind of spider, if you see it in the house, you scream like a little girl and then don’t take your eyes off it for a second while you think about what is close by you can smash it with (sorry RH – It’s just the way things go around here).

If we’re down to discussing spiders, that must mean my time is almost up. I’d post a pic of my triumph over the grass, but it’s dark out now and I didn’t take any. I should have gotten a before and after shot. 😕 Oh well. So much for documented proof.


~Miss SugarCookie

2019-05-26 The Start of Something Beautiful

I’ve spent a good deal of quality time with my garden this weekend. I’m behind schedule for the year as I normally would like to have all my veggies and annuals in the ground shorty after Mother’s Day (by that day all threat of overnight frost has passed). This year was a little different as I not only had other priorities the last two weeks but also too a quick little road trip across Nebraska since Jim had the time off work.

So THIS was the weekend and it’s simply wonderful that the weather has been perfect. Let me tell you, my new space is just perfect too. The whole north side of the yard is dedicated to gardening with three large beds. They are surrounded by wood, which is rotting in parts but still good enough to keep the dirt from spilling out onto the brick paved pathways between the beds.

One of the beds is dedicated to tomato’s and peppers. I have four different variety of tomato and two bell peppers and one banana pepper.

On the far north there’s a structure of two solid wood posts and boards across the top and bottom. I supposed it was for plating something that would climb, but the ground in that area is paved so there’s nowhere to plant anything in the ground. Still I wanted to maximize the space so I hung some trellace and filled four large pots to sit on the bricks. That’s where our cucumbers are.

The second bed is divided into two sections. One half is herbs.. cilantro, chives, sage, spearmint, and dill. The division down the middle has iris I transplanted from my last house with some garlic and Stella day-lilies. They are all transplants from my last house actually and really planted in haste. So much so, only one of the garlic came up. No matter, there always next year for that (garlic is one of the few things planted in the fall).

The back half of that garden is still an area I have not completely decided on. At the far end I’ve planted a bunch of zinnias as they are probably my favorite flower and if grown in abundance, great for cutting and putting in vases steins the house. I may plant a zucchini along side that or maybe more perennials. Zucchini take a lot of space and I’m not sure there’s actually enough for that.

The third bed is just for pumpkins which take a ton of space too, but it’s one of the things Jim wanted. I had him plant some there last year (from a seed packet) and they did great. It’s amazing that you can spend like 10 bucks on seeds and get so much from that. The cucumbers, pumpkin, and all the herbs are from seed this year. Though it’s not much to look at yet.

I had two other big pots from my house and filled those with dirt too. They both have a variety of cherry tomato. I love to tend garden and pluck sweet little tomatoes right off the vine and eat them. I also can’t resist pretty flowers and there was one abandoned at the checkout that has magically found a home next to one of the cherry tomato plants.

I have a bunch of other pots along the fence and I’m sure I’ll find something for those as well (like the strawberry I also picked up at the last minute when I was getting my cherry tomato plant).

Walking through the rest of my new back yard is like walking through a daydream I couldn’t ever have imagined if I tried. I’ve been pictotally been documenting all the beautiful plants as they come up and bloom. Perhaps there’s a blog post about that will be winding its way out of my mind soon. Not today though. Today we’re getting the house ready for guests. It will be the first family event with members of both our families present. Should be an interesting evening!

That’s it for now.

Happy Blooming,

~Miss SugarCookie

2018-07-27 Harvest in July

Yesterday I helped one of my sisters move out of her house and into an apartment. Three hours of hauling overfilled boxes and trash bags and furniture into and out of a I haul and up a flight of stairs. Aside from our mom being there with one carload of stuff that was at her house, it was just her and I. It was a total girl power day. Today, I’m experiencing what girl power does to the muscles. It was quite a workout and I’m feeling it.

I slept awesome last night (almost 8 hours) and have finally made it to the gym. I’ve got a full set of stuff I want to get done today and most of it is either Work or school related. I just need to get enough done to earn date night with my sweetie tonight. Yay for date night!

Yesterday when I saw my mom she handed me a plastic bag and inside were tomato’s, of which she already has enough to give away and it’s not even August yet. Those plants are going to keep producing through to frost, so like three more months. That equates to lots and lots of tomato’s. I should have taken the bag and just said “thank you”, but but I took the bag and “oh no” came out instead. I felt bad.

The fact is, the garden on the side of my house has turned into a jungle and when I came home Sunday I checked and I now have no less that a dozen tomato’s (good size ones), half dozen cucumbers well on their way and at least one sugar baby watermelon ready to go. The tomato’s that are in tall cages are now over 6 feet tall and those that came up from seeds dropped last fall are crawling across the ground and stretching up to 3 feet to get some sun.

The watermelon that came up on it’s own is now tangled in through the tomatos and it’s so dense I can’t even pick through it all. What on Earth am I going to do with all that produce. I wonder if a local food pantry will take some.

Oh sure, I will make pico and salsa and preserve some for the winter, but I know I’m going to end up with too much. I already have too much to eat. I really love to eat tomatos right off the vine, and an already having about one a day. I’ve also plucked some for tomato cucumber salad, but one plump tomato and 7 inch cucumber makes enough for me for two days. At this rate, I may be all tomatoed out by the end of August.

And the watermelon? I don’t even like watermelon. It’s mostly for Z and just the fun of planting it and watching it grow. Ayayaya!

I look at the garden and my first instinct is, like with my mom, to say “oh no”. But I recognize that I’m very fortunate to have this garden and get to enjoy fresh produce daily for the rest of the summer and into the fall so I’m just going to say “thank you” instead. 😊

☀️ 🍅 🥒 🍉 💯 ❤️

~Miss SugarCookie

2018-06-02 Quite Contrary

How does the garden grow?… With lots of digging, weeding, and hard work – that’s how!

The first Saturday in June… and today I had high hopes for getting lots done outside, and indeed that is exactly what I did. For some reason, maybe PMS, maybe too much to do and not enough time, but all day I felt unsatisfied and like I was not accomplishing enough. In the last week or so, I’ve bought a lot of plants. My goal today was to get everything into the ground (or in pots).

Some people spend their money at the casino and that is entertainment for them and they don’t mind going home empty handed. I spend my money at all the garden centers around town buying plants that are going to die in four months. Same difference. It’s entertaining for me to plant them and then I get continued satisfaction the entire summer as they grow and bloom. I don’t care if they die off when the temps dip below 32 degrees.

Usually, planting brings me some satisfaction, but despite being in my happy place all morning (and well into the afternoon), I remained in kind of a bummer of a mood. I got both the front and the back yard mowed and did a bunch of weeding in my back garden. I planted all the veg and flowers I bought. Some in the ground and some in pots. I even planted yet another set of tomato plants, this time using a “Topsy Turvey” I picked up at Goodwill. That’s a thing you grow tomotaos in upside-down. It’s sort of just an experiment to see if it will actually work. I’m going to try it outside this season and if it works, then I know I will be able to use it in the house in the winter. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have fresh tomatoes off the vine in winter. I think the only other thing I need to make that work is a grow light.

Anyway, I worked outside for about 8 hours and opted not to listen to music. Maybe if I had done that, I would have ended up being in a better mood. /shrug

I think it would not have mattered what I got done today. I would still not feel like I did enough. I intended to work for about 3 hours, but that didn’t happen. I wanted to hit my target for the week even if it was a holiday and I took last Monday off.

It’s the end of the day now and writing in the evenings used to be my jam but it isn’t anymore. Sitting here I can hardly keep my eyes open. The kids and I planned to have a fire pit tonight so I need to find an extra umph of energy to participate in that. Honestly, It would not hurt my feelings if they forgot about it and just kept doing their own things. If I got a little more sleep to boost my numbers for the week, that would be great too.

It’s certainly the perfect time/temp for a fire right now. It would be nice to sit back and admire the result of all of today’s efforts. It’s really a toss up at this point, I could sleep or go build a fire. Sleep or fire.. sleep or fire.

Stay tuned, for the exciting conclusion to this, most epic of cliffhangers!

~Miss SugarCookie


2018-05-22 Gardening and Things

It’s the ole switcharoo this morning cuz I had to work first thing and just now getting to the elliptical. I’m at JS’s house and he has a treadmill and elliptical machine. Let me tell ya, not all machines are created equal. This thing is an ass-kicker!

I’ve just got a ton of work this week and it feels great. I’m also back to learning some new things and it’s awesome.

Yesterday I checked a couple more issues off my May to-do list including getting our season pool passes and planting some summer veg. I still have more to plant but mostly just flowers. I’d like to do a few yellow or orange peppers, one zucchini, and one cucumber. Maybe some herbs too. I guess I have a lot more than I thought.

I’m leaving the west side of my house alone this year for a project I’d like to tackle. It involves moving my stupid shed (again) but this time so I can load in all the rubber mulch that’s on the west side of the house where I originally intended to put the shed. I had to move it to the back of the house cuz the city said it wasn’t following the code. Well it wasn’t following the code when I moved into the house so it was total crap when I was served the notice to move it. It was also late fall/early winter when that notice came in and the deadline to move it was like January 31st. What??

That means I had to wait for a window of decent weather to take everything out of the shed and coordinate help to move it. I might have some good bicep strength for a girl my size, but not shed-moving strength!! Josh was happy to help me (for a small fee – that’s his MO). I wasn’t about to spend hours moving that mulch in the cold so there it stayed. And my shed is just a little leaning because it’s on a slight slope.

It bugs me every time I look at it so I’m gonna fix it. Soon. Last year I planted watermelon in that spot and it just went ape-shit growing everywhere so I could not get to the mulch. This year I put the watermelon in the back of the back yard and it’s got lots of room to go gangbusters there too.

Today is pouring down rain so it’s a good day to sit inside and devise plans of attack for summer projects and vacations. I’ve already told the kids they maxed out on big vacations last year so we may do some little weekend trips this year but that’s it. I still have to figure out timing. I’ve got lots of high hopes for this summer actually so I really need to get on the ball with planning.

But first.. gotta make the $$$ to fund all that awesome!

Time to Plan,

~Miss SugarCookie

2018-05-09 Wednesday Already?! 😮

It’s been a few days. Life is good. Work so far this week has been busy and that’s awesome. This morning I’ve got a coffee Meetup with a former co-worker and then I’ll be monitoring a go live all day today and testing for a mid-sprint release of the software. We have another go-live next week and it looks like things really are picking up.

Good timeing on all this cuz I’m basically done with school for two months. I plan to just be responsible, get my hours in, and coast a little bit with that pressure off. The balance now will be a shift to working outside.

I bought my first tomato plants and those will go in this weekend and JS and I will also be shopping for annuals. I have a pretty serious annual habit and we’ll see if he gets scared away by the amount of plants I buy.

I’ve got other, more juicy, updates but I’ve got to run so those will have to wait.

Happy Hump Day!

~Miss SugarCookie

2017-11-22 Flipping the Script

Wow.. I haven’t written anything for a couple of days. I’ve also not exercised in a couple of days nor have I gotten my steps in. You could say I’ve pretty much deviated away from my normal script with regards to just about everything.

I’m not sure why that is. I sort of decided on Monday I was going to really crack down on getting some legit job searching stuff done. However, I have very little to show for it. I don’t yet have an updated resume, I have not actually applied for any more jobs, and I’ve really only had two job related conversations with people. Those were two pretty important conversations, but not enough to make up for the fact that it is now Wednesday and the end of the week because it’s a holiday. I guess that means most people and places aren’t working that much anyhow, so it’s OK if I don’t either right?! 😉

I do have friends in town for the holiday and have spent a little extra time with them this week. I also capitalized on the nice weather Monday to get my garlic in the ground (which it is way past due) and the rest of the hundreds of spring bulbs that I bought. I had to dig up some new areas for that, which is kind of like exercise, so I’m going to go with that. It does not explain yesterday and today, but I’ve really not been feeling that great either.

In fact, I’ve been battling a headache all day and I haven’t had a headache in weeks. On the one hand I’m like “wow, I haven’t had a headache in weeks and that’s so noteworthy”. I have a long history of headaches and quite recently decided to ween myself off of acetaminophen and ibuprofen. I’ve wanted to blog about that, and it’s on my list of things to follow up and write about. But now I do have a headache so instead I’m thinking about how much it sucks.

I’m still resisting the OTC pain meds, which means I’m trying to drink a lot of water and also have taken several curcumin pills (curcumin is a plant extract and natural inflammatory). I also tried to lay down to take a nap but my brain is not having it.. not with the night I have planned ahead coming up pretty quick now.

It’s the first night I’ll be accompanying Simon to some get together with friends of his and I’m nervous about that. He’s such an extrovert, I’ll likely just have to stand there and make small talk at the most, but still, the thought of being around new people (and those I will want to like me), is causing my social anxiety to flare up.

That all pales in comparison though to the thing after the thing. Apparently everyone is going to some Karaoke place and Simon is super excited to sing and has mentioned several times about me “showing them what I’ve got”. As if I’m a singer or something. I’m not a singer. I sang in choir in high school.. that’s it. Anything anyone ever did in high school doesn’t qualify them for shit as far as the world is concerned.

Yes, I did calculus in high school too, but that doesn’t mean I can bust out the pythagorean theorem and start solving complex problems. Yes, I had U.S. history, but I can’t recite the constitution or probably even name all the US Presidents. Yes I was in drama, but I can’t go to hollywood with a resume that says that and expect to get cast in a role. That’s just not how things work.

So it’s legitimately been like 25+ years since I sang anywhere in front of anyone, besides other Karaoke. Most of those times also involved a fair amount of drinking. I probably will not be drinking anything tonight, especially if I’m still fighting this headache. I’ve told him I’m not a singer. I’ve told him about my anxiety. He just smiles and says “it’s gonna be great”. Sure it is.

I’ve said before I appreciate being around people who push me to be more and do more. I want to be elevated beyond what my capabilities are now and I want to overcome my fears, so this is really great. However, it just doesn’t feel really great at the moment. It feels more like a tightly wound ball of yarn in my stomach being pulled tighter and tighter by the minute. No wonder I can’t sleep to try and rid myself of this headache.

I am going to give it another shot now though, since I’ve dumped some of what was in my head here now. Crossing my fingers for at least a few minutes of ZZZZZZZs.

~Miss SugarCookie