2020-04-25 Just Another Rainy Saturday in April

It could be any rainy day. It could be any April day. It could be any other day in the known and unknown calendars of the universe. But it’s not. It’s today.

I didn’t have my walk today and just a little bit ago I had to take my Fitbit off cuz the battery is E-M-P-T-Y. I refused to take it off earlier as I was getting ready to do yard work and no way I’m not getting credit for that effort. Yard work almost always = lots of steps. And I need all I can get today especially after being lazy and sleeping till like 9 today. (Yes, kids, 9AM is sleeping-in in the land of the SugarCookie).

Now it’s later and I’m just sittn here enjoying the rain coming down. The random rumbles from the sky every once and a while are pleasing too. The cats look like they are gearing up for their evening naps and all is quiet here.

I did make some progress in the garden today. About half of the beds have now been turned and weeded and raked flat again—ready for planting. I have a fair number of pots along the far fence that I pulled away to rake and they will stay that way as we are having some of the old fence sections replaced next week. Over in early spring, several sections actually fell over onto the neighbors property (on the opposite side of the back yard) and so we are having all the oldest parts of the fence replaced.

Mother Nature aint stopped by Covid and luckily the fence companies aren’t either. In fact, a lot of places in Nebraska still seem operational and it kinda feels like there’s no global pandemic at all. We made a trip to Lowes today and it was packed. And unlike my trip to the grocery last Monday, almost nobody was wearing masks.

I suppose they are either over it, don’t think it’s a problem, or aren’t afraid of getting sick. I fall in group number 1. I suppose as long as I still get QT with my garden this spring, it’s really nothing to me to be home all day every day.

Jim was off yesterday and so that felt kinda like a Saturday which makes today kinda feel like a Sunday. Even though I worked yesterday, it still feels like a 3 day weekend. Cheers to that.

Earlier today, when we had our first bout of rain, we opted to enjoy it from the greenhouse. It’s not a typical greenhouse. I mean, it is a greenhouse with three walls of glass with a glass roof that curves down on the corners, but we don’t use it as a greenhouse (though we could). Instead, there’s a double bed against the wall with a rug and a bean bag on the floor and the decor is red and black and white with a Japanese theme.

When it rains, we like to lay in there and talk. Or just listen. Today was a great day for that.

Jim is outside now, in the rain, trying to finish what he started in the way of outside projects today. As for me, once I took the Fitbit off, I succumbed to the appeal of pajamas and am, at the present moment, sinking into the couch in my comfys.

I’ve got a few other bits of important business I need to get to on my laptop today before I can truly let go and drift into veggie land. More tomorrow (perhaps).

Happy Rainy Caturday 🌧🐱💙
~Miss SugarCookie


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