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  • 2020-11-30 Bow for November

    2020-11-30 Bow for November

    My second full month in my new job is coming to a close. This morning I’m tasked with making breakfasts and lunches for my people and will of course get doing dishes and scooping litter boxes. And I’ll be working on the lit mag some. And hopefully finding time to read and write outside of […]

  • 2020-11-14 Doing the Math ➖➗➕

    2020-11-14 Doing the Math ➖➗➕

    Broke my streak yesterday. Worked on my workshop submission both fine tuning the lines and deciding which poems were worthy of such rare attention. It’s really a confidence game at this point.  I was tired and had an unusual day that went astray from my normal routine. With my dauber down, not a poem in […]

  • 2020-11-10 Freezing Rain, Memory, and Poetry

    2020-11-10 Freezing Rain, Memory, and Poetry

    A freezing rain greets me as I accompany the trash carts to the end of the driveway. It tears my attention away from what I don’t remember. It feels good to feel the rain on my skin and how it forces me to move faster, look forward to being back inside, strip down to dry. […]

  • 2020-10-30 All Hallows Eve Eve

    2020-10-30 All Hallows Eve Eve

    This morning I woke up at 4:45 AM from a dream about my recent ex-employer. The business had become a smashing success and they had just opened their brand new building which was a really neat New-tech high-rise situated among a neighborhood of 1 story buildings. A Sim city anomaly. There were appearances from two […]

  • 2020-10-03 Thanks for the Reminder

    2020-10-03 Thanks for the Reminder

    It’s been a wild week. Lots of drama with the end of my time as an employee (at long last) and finally getting to pull the trigger on the first issue of The Good Life Review. It took till about 6PM yesterday before I entered into that corpse pose phase I’ve been talking about for […]

  • 2020-10-01 The (Other) Letter From the Editor

    2020-10-01 The (Other) Letter From the Editor

    I’ve been tucked in a cubby hole of time for a few days. I’ve tried to finish strong with my last few days of work without letting my apathy show through the zooms and emails. I’ve tried to hide the fact that my heart is already elsewhere. Ask me how I feel today on this […]

  • 2020-09-28 Staring Down the Barrel of a Loaded…

    2020-09-28 Staring Down the Barrel of a Loaded…

    … Dishwasher. 🤣 I didn’t hear the alarm go off this morning and when I heard the shower turn on I seriously thought about pretending to still be asleep through the morning routine. Allergies are kicking me in the ass this year and the 2am flair up that causes me to wake up with severe […]

  • 2020-09-25 Tides Don’t Turn

    2020-09-25 Tides Don’t Turn

    They’re relentless rolling towards the shore where waves crash like an unforgiving Kublai Kan. Or the resulting opiate inspired vision in dream. Just a fragment. A sliver of the largest moon that ever pulled the tide up with such reliable gravity. Such a tragedy that the only words to linger after the last line are […]