2021-04-24 Arizona Adventure Day 6: The Journey Home 🌵🌸

Day 6. Saturday. The journey home. But first, flowers! 

One might recall 6 days ago when I arrived in Phoenix that had time to kill before getting on the road, that I tried to go to the Botanical Gardens, that it was “sold out”, and that I promised myself we would make time for it before going to the airport to go home. Well… promise kept.

We got tickets in advance and picked as late in the day as we could because the gardens were closing at noon for a special event. Actually, it did not say they were closing for a special even, the website just said closed at noon, but when we arrived, they were already setting up for some sort of shin-dig (my guess wedding and reception) so it was a given that is why. 

That morning, we packed and made the drive from Flagstaff to Phoenix and arrived at the gardens at about 11:AM. I thought we would not be able to see the entire thing because we were short on time, but I was wrong. 

Something happens to a person when they are walking around outside in the 90 degree heat under a blazing sun. It makes them move really fast so they can see as much as possible as quickly as possible. It makes them take rapid fire pics on the move without even checking the shot. And it makes them skip some of the farther reaching loops so they can make a beeline for the exit and get back in a delightfully air-conditioned car. In light of that, the rest of this blog post is going to mimic that experience.

After that we had lunch, did some sightseeing in Phoenix, went to the airport, and flew home.. The End.)


~Miss SugarCookie

2018-05-02 Looking Forward

Spring is by far my favorite season. It’s like all the wonderful green is finally waking up and stretching the long winter sleep away. I’ve complained about the brevity of spring flowers but I still love to see those presents popping up all over.

Last fall I found a steal of a deal on bulbs and went kinda gaga buying and planting. I tried to get a variety of things that would bloom from early to late but all the tulips seemed to come up at the same time. I even have enough I cut a bunch yesterday for a vase in the house and you can’t even tell a difference in the flowerbed. Awesome! 🌷🌷🌷🌷

It’s now six days from my sons birthday and it’s so different than his sisters. She makes such a big deal and is serious about party planning and he doesn’t even seem to care. I sent a group text to all his friends moms and all the boys are available Sunday afternoon. ✅ Done.

There’s a new VR game place near our house and I’m gonna look into taking them there, but besides that they will just want to have nerf wars or sit around playing video games all afternoon. Somewhere near dinnertime we will get pizza and that’s it. ✅ ✅ Done done.

It’s hard to believe sometimes that I have a 14 year old and 16 year old. They will both be in high school next year and that’s incredible. I’m not quite ready for that. My two babies are growing up and it’s definitely bitter sweet.

I’m looking forward to the summer and taking them to the pool and just hanging out without worrying about school. Z will probably get a job and start borrowing my car for that. Just one more thing I’m not quite ready for.

I have a feeling that it’s going get even tougher getting hours into work with all the other awesomeness of spring and summer going on. I just have to find a good balance and a solid routine. I’ve already gotten used to not working on school things and have started getting some projects around the house done on. A rainy evening yesterday resulted in my dining room finally getting painted. (Yeah, it’s been on the list since all that thermostat nonsense last fall). Whatev.

As soon as we get to Mother’s Day all bets are off and the planting outside can begin. That’s when it’s going to get really tough sitting in my office on the computer. I do, however, need to be able pay for all those lovely plants so there is that.

14 years ago I took my baby boy home from the hospital on Mother’s Day and it was the sweetest gift ever. May is a great month. It’s the best month for looking forward to EVERYTHING! 🌺🌸🌷⛈⛱🌼🌻🌤🍓🍹🚴🏻‍♀️🌱🌹❤️

Peace and Love,

~Miss SugarCookie

2017-11-15 Random Wednesday Un-spiration

I’m not so inspired today. In fact, I am quite un-inspired. I didn’t make it to the gym after dropping the kids off at school and ended up doing a lot of random things around my house. Then I went and had coffee with Josh. Then I came home and did more random things, outside. I do feel like I accomplished quite a bit, but don’t have a lot to show for it.

All but one bag of the hundreds of bulbs I bought is now planted in the ground, waiting for winter precipitation and spring thaw. It’s like the gift I give myself to remind myself that things can survive the harsh, cold, conditions that winter and still push their way through to bloom again. I love it when spring comes and you can see those little green spikes poke through the dirt and sometimes snow.

I love it when they predictably come up, year after year. The foliage of most early spring flowers like crocus and daffodil and tulips seems to not even make it to the summer. Even when they do, they get limp and look bad, so I usually chop them off. Sure enough though, the next year they are back for their day in the sun. I do wish they bloomed a little longer but I guess being the heralds of spring is tough enough.

Anyway, so that is almost done and today was a beautiful day out and I didn’t want to waste it inside at my laptop working on my resume or inside doing laundry or something like that. I can do all that when it get’s dark out at 5:30 (which by the way is really depressing). I SAY I can do that stuff when it’s dark out but then when it actually gets dark, like it is now, my motivation has been reduced to zero.

In fact, just about every night this week I’ve gotten really sleepy at about 7:30, to the point I feel like I want to fall asleep. Last night I did. Then I woke back up at about 8:30 and was up until 11ish. I think it’s something about it being dark so early, my body is conditioned to want to go to sleep. It’s only natural right?

So the kids are in their separate happy places and I’m feeling that 7:30 nap coming on. Since I’m not inspired to do anything else, I might as well embrace it. Perhaps when I wake up I’ll have a second wind to do something else productive. Perhaps, but no promises.

Random Happy Wednesday,
~Miss SugarCookie

2017-08-01 Welcome to August

Yesterday I did that thing that I have been doing every Monday for several weeks. I made a list. I’ve made a list at the beginning of the week and each day take care of something so that progress is inevitable. Last week I crossed off all but two or three things on the list and that leaves me with a pretty good feeling. Those things that don’t get done end up on the subsequent list. Yesterday I followed suit and made a list, but by the end of the day, I’d thrown it in the recycle bin. This week I am trying something new.

This week, I am going to do whatever I feel like doing in the moment and try to completely let go of what “needs” to get done. I might go for a walk and I might sort and file paperwork and I might do some weeding in the garden. It’s an experiment to see if I 1). Still get enough done to feel good about my accomplishments and 2.) If I feel less pressure about all my “commitments”. In recognizing that sometimes I am my own worst enemy in both making too many promises and also feeling overwhelmed too easily, can this turn make a difference or will that list just remain in my head to irritate my brain and make the anxiety worse?

I ended up at Home Depot yesterday in the garden section. I wanted to see if there were any good perennials left since most other garden centers have a supply that has diminished considerably. I was shocked to see they still had a lot left, in pretty good condition, but also still full price. I find that Home Depot is one of the most expensive garden centers in the area and I rarely would buy anything there. Why pay more when you can get the same thing cheaper somewhere else? Anyway, now you can’t get the same thing somewhere else, so I guess the price is what it is. I still will not pay it though.

What I did find is several quart perennials on the clearance rack for 2 bucks each. I, of course, had to save these lovelies from their fate and spring them from the Home Depot discard bin. They will now be afforded a long and happy life in the midst of one of my many flower beds. What this means for me, of course, is that today I have to spend a little time figuring out where they will go and getting them in the ground. I bought 6 dwarf day lilies which will sport pink blooms and 4 larger day lilies which look like they will be more of a red hue. Probably the smaller ones will go on the east border of my house and then the larger ones will be on the west and perhaps one in the front southeast corner.

It’s only just 7AM now and still pretty cool outside and it might be a perfect time to get outside and figure it out, but something in me is not ready for the day yet. Something in me wants to just lay in bed a little longer and

It’s going to be beautiful out and looking ahead at the weeks forecast, there will not be a bad day in the bunch. Only time will tell if my new approach is going to have the desired affect on my week. In any case, it is August now and the second month of the “Summer of Shyla” has officially begun.

~Miss SugarCookie