2017-11-15 Random Wednesday Un-spiration

I’m not so inspired today. In fact, I am quite un-inspired. I didn’t make it to the gym after dropping the kids off at school and ended up doing a lot of random things around my house. Then I went and had coffee with Josh. Then I came home and did more random things, outside. I do feel like I accomplished quite a bit, but don’t have a lot to show for it.

All but one bag of the hundreds of bulbs I bought is now planted in the ground, waiting for winter precipitation and spring thaw. It’s like the gift I give myself to remind myself that things can survive the harsh, cold, conditions that winter and still push their way through to bloom again. I love it when spring comes and you can see those little green spikes poke through the dirt and sometimes snow.

I love it when they predictably come up, year after year. The foliage of most early spring flowers like crocus and daffodil and tulips seems to not even make it to the summer. Even when they do, they get limp and look bad, so I usually chop them off. Sure enough though, the next year they are back for their day in the sun. I do wish they bloomed a little longer but I guess being the heralds of spring is tough enough.

Anyway, so that is almost done and today was a beautiful day out and I didn’t want to waste it inside at my laptop working on my resume or inside doing laundry or something like that. I can do all that when it get’s dark out at 5:30 (which by the way is really depressing). I SAY I can do that stuff when it’s dark out but then when it actually gets dark, like it is now, my motivation has been reduced to zero.

In fact, just about every night this week I’ve gotten really sleepy at about 7:30, to the point I feel like I want to fall asleep. Last night I did. Then I woke back up at about 8:30 and was up until 11ish. I think it’s something about it being dark so early, my body is conditioned to want to go to sleep. It’s only natural right?

So the kids are in their separate happy places and I’m feeling that 7:30 nap coming on. Since I’m not inspired to do anything else, I might as well embrace it. Perhaps when I wake up I’ll have a second wind to do something else productive. Perhaps, but no promises.

Random Happy Wednesday,
~Miss SugarCookie

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