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  • 2021-02-14 Abbreviated Sunday Status

    2021-02-14 Abbreviated Sunday Status

    It’s Valentine’s Day again and just because I’m married now and with a wonderful person doesn’t change a thing about the way I feel about this fake-ass holiday. I’ve historically taken this day as an opportunity to rant about that. But I’m more mature now and past ranting about the ridiculousness of a holiday dedicated […]

  • 2021-01-31 On Looking Back at What’s Past versus Looking to the Future (+Post Vacation Stats)

    2021-01-31 On Looking Back at What’s Past versus Looking to the Future (+Post Vacation Stats)

    One reason I try to write in a moment or a mood is that once it’s gone, the essence of it slips away from the immediate and tactile memory. It’s hard to recapture exactly what it was about that day, hour, or year when it’s past.  It is partly for that reason that I know […]

  • 2020-11-22 Flip to B Square

    2020-11-22 Flip to B Square

    It’s been a good couple of days. I feel satisfied. I’m adding up my stats today, to report out to my accountability buddy how I did this week and it looks like a pretty “meh.” But still I feel ok. Ok is pretty good, you know, all things considered. 🤷‍♀️ I have to be kind […]

  • 2020-09-23 Random Facts About Having 4 Cats (Among Other Things)

    2020-09-23 Random Facts About Having 4 Cats (Among Other Things)

    Having four cats means you have to scoop litter boxes everyday. This morning I started crying in my kitchen. I was loading the dishwasher when Alexa started telling me about memorial plans for Ruth B.G. as a part of my daily news briefing. I had not really grieved the loss yet. It just happened. I […]

  • 2018-05-06 Let’s Do This Sunday Thing

    It’s Sunday again and that means it’s Status Update time. Today’s theme.. the struggle never ends, but that’s so, so good! Exercise… 13.5K average steps per day this past week. Below average for goal and well below average for my personal lofty expectations. A big part of this is probably the sharp drop-off of my […]

  • 2018-04-09 Sunday Sneaking into My Monday

    I missed my Sunday Status yesterday. I skipped over that in favor of my little rant about my ex. Sometimes you just gotta get that out, you know, to get over it. The other very therapeutic thing I did was compose an email (not ashamed to admit that’s something that also makes me feel better). […]

  • 2018-03-26 Monday Mustard…

    … or Catch Up!😉 Yesterday turned out to be so strange and atypical. In the morning I cried and mourned the loss of a friend. I’m the afternoon I stared out the window at the rain and reminisced about having pancakes on Sunday mornings with my father when I was a child.. and wrote a […]

  • 2018-01-28 Sunday Status Update – Totally Phoning This One In

    Happy Sunday People! Let’s make this quick so we can get back to the good life… Sleep.. Average 7 hours 36 minutes a night. Exercise.. Average 22,372 per day. Healthy eating.. Day 21 of 30 of the Whole 30. See yesterday’s post for the details. Employment status.. Full time gig, working part time hours. Student […]