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  • 2018-09-10 Sisterhood of the Traveling Skirts

    Pants are for chumps. If you could just wake up and throw on like one article of clothing and a pair of shoes you would too. That’s the beauty of dresses and not having to think too much about anything at 4AM. 4AM — when most of the world is sleeping — the airport is […]

  • 2018-06-24 A Farewell to the Florida Keys

    Writing quite a bit after the fact now and somehow the days and dates aren’t adding up. In total we had four full days in Key West and one day on the front and back side of that dedicated to mostly travel. The day after our sight-seeing day when we visited the Hemminway house, we […]

  • 2018-06-22 Key West Day 3

    2018-06-22 Key West Day 3

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get better, it does. Here I am again on my newest favorite elliptical machine facing the ocean thinking about my day yesterday. We’ve had a steady set of planned activities but it hasn’t felt like we ha e been rushed at all. Waking up in the AM feeling good […]

  • 2018-06-21 Key West Day 2

    We’ve already done so much here I can hardly believe we’re only in the middle of day 2. Yesterday we went on a glass bottom boat tour around the see and it was about 45 minutes out, 30 tooling around out on the aqua water and 45 back. What can I say about Florida so […]

  • 2018-06-18 Destination Unknown

    I’ve been waking up super early the last week or so. It’s actually an advantage when it comes to all these early-ass flights I’m booked on. 4:30am wakeup to make it to the airport.. no problem. Tomorrow trip number 2 starts with a 6:30 flight and I’m just about ready. I’ll have had a break […]

  • 2018-06-14 Next Stop Nashville!

    For a while now I’ve been mostly “everything is awesome… life is amazing… blah-blah-woof-woof”. It’s really nice to be a part of this repeating record, especially given what I’ve been through to get here. It doesn’t make for very exciting writing though. I mean, day after day of the same routine gets boring to write […]

  • 2018-03-29 Austin Day 1: My Home Away from Home

    I had a good “homecoming” yesterday as I was picked up from the airport and whisked to dinner straight away. It was a nice time at a familiar place and it gave Rebecca and I a few hours, one on one, to catch up. She updated me on her stories and I pretty much went […]

  • 2018-01-19 On Balancing Budgets and Traveling

    Well.. I did it. I asked for more work. So now if I get too much, I only have myself to blame. I’d like to target 25 hours a week. I’ve seriously been number crunching daily and looking at all my bills and accounts. I’m spending less than I have for years and for the […]