2018-06-18 Destination Unknown

I’ve been waking up super early the last week or so. It’s actually an advantage when it comes to all these early-ass flights I’m booked on. 4:30am wakeup to make it to the airport.. no problem. Tomorrow trip number 2 starts with a 6:30 flight and I’m just about ready.

I’ll have had a break of two days in between touching down and taking off again. My trip to Nashville was really great and a good balance of work and play. I got to see Broadway and had a drink at the Honkey Tonk. We walked down to the river and chilled for a while on a 4th floor patio overlooking the scene. It was great food, however, I was slightly disappointed I never had a Nashville Cheeseburger. Wherever I end up next, I’m gonna get my fix.

By This time tomorrow my destination will be revealed. Based on various clues, my guess is somewhere on the East Coast. I’ve got a growing list of people who I’m supposed to inform when I find out.

Here is what I know…

1. I don’t need a passport.

2. Its “oceanic”. (That has to mean in the Coast right?).

3. The temps will be in the 80’s all week.

4. Its not on the same Latitude as Nebraska. (That could be anywhere).

5. It has been mentioned (that could be anywhere too, cuz I’ve thrown out a lot of guesses).

That’s it. That’s what I have to go on. That’s why I’m saying East coast but not sure where. I’d welcome any guesses! 😉

I’m getting totally excited to being swept away to some unknown place. Honestly, I don’t care where it is. I love my kids and my job and my life here, but balance is important and I need some major QT with just my sweetie. We could be just anywhere and as long as we have all day and night to just do whatever it will be wonderful. I’m looking forward to (hopefully) sleeping in and laying around relaxing and probably doing some sight seeing and exploring of the area.

Going on our first trip together feels like it should be some sort of a test, especially since travel is kind of important to me. Do we travel well together? But for some reason I’m not thinking about it like that at all. I have a level of confidence about it that makes me feel warm and happy inside. I mean, I must have a pretty good level of trust to let another person take the wheel and take me somewhere unknown. I’m ok with letting that happen, which says a lot coming from someone who is used to being in control.

What I am still responsible for at this point is wrapping up Work and packing my bags. True to form, I’ve got my checklist. Today all I have to do is execute. I’m not sure when I’ll have a chance to write more, so this is basically that cliffhanger ending with no promise when the next episode will be coming out. Whenever that is though, all will be revealed.

Cheers to Adventure!

~Miss SugarCookie

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