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  • 2019-08-15 Nightmares and the Spoken Poem

    2019-08-15 Nightmares and the Spoken Poem

    I don’t have much to muse about today. I could ponder longer the nightmare that I had last night which was super creepy but I kinda don’t want it to linger any longer than necessary. What was interesting was that I was having trouble falling asleep and at about midnight I got up and went […]

  • 2019-03-29 Those are Not My Cats

    This morning I woke up in the middle of a dream where I had just realized my cats were standing next to each other and they were not hissing in offense or defense. I was all like “hey, look at that! Do you see that?” And the cats in my dream did not look like […]

  • 2019-01-04 Dream-State Writing

    Twice yesterday, from different sources, I was given the advice of writing first thing in the day. The first instance was in a lecture where the person giving the talk was explaining that when a person first wakes up, and their mind is still transitioning from the subconscious state of dreaming to the conscious state […]

  • 2018-08-29 Elevator Nightmares

    I would not say I necessarily have any re-occurring dreams or nightmares but I definitely have reoccurring themes within them. I could probably go on and on about dreams but it almost always seems like a silly thing to spend time writing about. I mean, the question of what it all means will never really […]

  • 2018-05-18 My Dreams are Stirring Up Some Shit

    This morning I woke up at the tail end of a bad dream that was most certainly my brain trying to puzzle out something it’s grappled with a time or two in the past and potentially still struggling with. I have an inner desire to please People and do a good job and I think […]

  • 2018-04-26 Up Before the Sun.. Twice

    Sometimes the Universe has an ironic sense of humor and sometimes it’s just a supreme asshole. For real. Last night I woke when it was still dark. Looking down at my Fitbit (to check the time) all I could see was that the battery had been exhausted and a charge was in order. I took […]

  • 2018-03-13 Fire 🔥 and Ice ❄️

    I said upfront that it is what it is. Organic is a nice way to say unprocessed and unfiltered. That means that sometimes you get unfiltered awesomeness and sometimes it’s just rotten. Today I have a rant about my ex (husband) and if I remember before I’m done writing, I also want to contemplate a […]

  • 2018-01-20 Dreams and Unresolved Feelings

    Welcome to Saturday. In truth, it’s a day for me like any other. It’s gym time first followed by a writing workshop downtown and then I’m going to try and get a little more time in on a work document. My life is so exciting. One thing good that comes from such a boring existence […]

  • 2018-01-05 MFA Residency Day 7 – Giving Oneself Permission

    I had a deep desire to stay in bed this morning after I first woke at 5AM and as I lay there with my thoughts, I miraculously fell back asleep. And I dreamt. I didn’t realize I was dreaming until I came to the point in the dream which I recognize now as a reoccurring […]