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  • 2022-12-02 New Leaf #1🍁

    2022-12-02 New Leaf #1🍁

    Welcome to December.  Months seem to turn over like eyes blinking.  And as they do, it always feels like an opportunity to turn over new leaves. 🍃🍁🍂 I wonder where that saying comes from but can’t get distracted from my current topic, which is about what I’ve decided to do with my life in December.  […]

  • 2018-11-15 Pulse Check on My November Diet Goals

    We are halfway through November and I at the beginning of the month I had challenged myself to make some changes this month. I might spin this as a healthy Eating thing, but in actuality it’s a healthy drinking thing. My two goals were to not drink coffee and not drink alcohol. Now that it’s […]

  • 2018-11-03 Accountability is Key

    If the only person you are accountable to is yourself, then you are more likely to cave on a goal you have set. There’s success in numbers, in partners, and a solid support system. It doesn’t matter if it’s a career goal or health goal or some other personal goal. If you have people in […]

  • 2018-11-02 The November Diet Challenge

    I was talking to my friend Josh the other day and the subject of my ex came up. No, this is not going to be another post about that relationship and grief and how to get over shitty stuff. This one is more about my dietary issues. Which is largely a mental thing at this […]

  • 2018-06-04 List Of Ten Things…

    … to do when you fall asleep at 9PM and wake up before the butt crack of dawn: 1. Open the curtains and windows cuz it’s a beautiful day. 2. Realize the sunrise is amazing and put on sweatpants to stand in your driveway to take some pics. 3. Decide better shots are waiting at […]

  • 2018-06-03 A Sunday with Significance

    But first.. weekly stats! The top areas of focus this week were sleep and work so I’ll start there. Sleep.. 7 hours and 12 mites average sleep per night. Score! That’s 12 minutes above goal and I only missed hitting that two of 7 nights. Next stop – 7 and a half. It’s all about […]

  • 2018-03-12 The Thin Mint Struggle

    Welcome to a new week and we’re rolling into mid March like lambs and lions living together.. real pre-old testament stuff. Sooth sayers and Ceasar slayers, Shakespeare rising from his grave. Beware.. the mass hysteria. The kids are already enjoying their spring break by staying up late on a Sunday and sleeping in. I’m back […]

  • 2018-01-08 Today is a Good Day to Start

    This is one of the tag lines on the blog I started in 2010. I think it’s a thing I tried to tell myself more than saying it to anyone else because I often use excuses why I’m not doing something. * it’s not the start of the week or month. * I’ve got all […]