2020-05-14 Revealing My Drinking Age

Yesterday was the first day in a while I felt like I had a handle on life.

Round 2 cutting my daughters hair went well (first try the prior day ended porky).

Five of my son’s missing geometry assignments have now now been verified as complete and we’re on track for catching up this week. There’s a long way to go with world history, and a short amount of time but I’m hoping we can still pull that D+ up to a C. 🤞

I worked for 5 hours, most of which was sprint planning. Those long sessions are killer but I feel we are now finally working as a cohesive unit and on the right track.

I also made progress on the website I’m working on for the new lit mag and the submittable and am happy with how that’s going. Narrowed down to a couple of themes and am at the point of plugging in content. That’s the kind of stuff that I could really spend hours and hours on and it’s super satisfying.

Ask me again in 4 months when my primary role will be doing this on the regular. Ha! The cool thing about all that is that the content will come from other places. I mean, I’ll be writing content too, but for the most part we’ll have a format and will be showcasing other people’s words.

Anyway. At the end of the day I had a few drinks and had a virtual happy hour with a friend and she had lots of updates and it was a great chat. Every time I drink, I’m reminded of my age.

They say “you’re only as old as you feel”. Well, after a few drinks I feel like I’m about 70 and just wanna go to bed at like 9pm. 🤷‍♀️

Unfortunately I’m also reminded again when I wake up and just don’t feel right. I mean, it’s not like I’m pounding “time lords” from the Night Owl. I’m just having a few vodka lemonades.

This is completely predictable though as my mom has previously described the decline of her ability to drink. Her current status is “one and done”. I feel like I’m headed that way and kinda bummed because I like to enjoy a cocktail or two and don’t want to have to worry about how it’s gonna make me feel. Whatever.

I’m trying to walk off that icky feeling now and the jury is still out on if it’s gonna work or not.

I’m also gonna try hard today to have a repeat performance of yesterday. A good balance of everything. I’ve got another Virtual HH meetup again tonight. This time with my Texas Bestie in Austin. Probably gonna forego the drink and just keep the “happy” part. We’ll see.

I’m still procrastinating a lot of things. I’m still trying not to let it bother me too much. Maybe today is the day I order pics from Walgreens for my daughters grad announcement. Maybe today’s the day I give up the idea of dropping my thesis off in person and just drop it in the mail. Maybe today’s the day I clean the toilets. Haha haha. 🤣 Fat chance on that last one.

My personal feeling on this is that since everybody has pretty much their own toilet in this house. They should be responsible for cleaning their own toilet in this house. That seems pretty reasonable right? So maybe I will clean my own toilet and then show the kids where the cleaning supplies are and nudge them in that direction. Wonder how that approach will turn out (I don’t really have to wonder.. I already know).

I guess the degradation of the topics here means I’m done for today. I mean, when it’s down to cleaning toilets, that’s a red flag, “you’re done.”.

Thanks for playing along,
~Miss SugarCookie

PS. If you’re seeing the featured image on this post. That’s Doug joining me today in the gym and he’s using the exercise bike as a bath time platform. I told him that’s not what that equipment is for but he just looks at me like he doesn’t understand the language I’m speaking. 🐱🧡

2018-05-05 Sometimes I’m Hilarious

Most of the time, it’s after I’ve had a few glasses of “somethin’ somethin’” and my inner monologue is full of clever things to say. Whenever I’ve had a few glasses of wine with dinner, I start thinking all kinds of really great tweets. Sometimes, I get as far as opening the app and then I pause and ask myself, Is this really funny, or is it only funny in my head? (Or is it only funny cuz I’ve tipped back too much red wine?). Probably a combination of all those things.

Just then I think twice and put my phone away. The whole internet should thank me for sparing them from the SugarCookie drunk tweets. Or at the very least my 198 followers should. What I need is an anonymous twitter account where I can say all the shit I’m really thinking and if I did that, I would only follow celebrities and grumpy cat so no one would ever follow me or see my tweets. That’s brilliant right??!! (I’m also brilliant when I’ve been drinking).

I went to lunch with a former co-worker about three weeks ago and told him I was going to wait until my kids were grown and on their own to become a highly accomplished drunk poet. Or something like that. Being accomplished may or may not have been a part of my proclaimed master plan. It’s a good plan either way.

Giving credit where credit is due, many tines my kids are the source of some of those priceless thoughts. Tonight at dinner my daughter put down the lazy millennial‘s and proclaimed herself part of Gen Z, the generation that was going to be creative, invent new and important technologies, and not live at home with their parents into their 30s. Wow!

My untweeted tweet: maybe when you get old enough you can pull an Al Gore and say you invented the internet.

Funny right?!! 😜

What I shoulda said was “that’s right you won’t be living in my house when you’re 39 cuz im kicking your ass out when you are 18”.

She is right about being creative and inventive and into technology. She’s all of those things. Then I look over at my son who is also “gen Z” and all he does is sit around in his underwear all day playing video games. Maybe we shouldn’t set the bar too high for the next gen just yet.

There were more hilarious thoughts in my head at dinner tonight, but they have all since slipped away. That’s also what happens with the wine. Flashes of brilliance that are here and then gone forever. Oh well, oh well. 🤷‍♀️

Ok.. I’ve got to git.

Happy Saturday (don’t cinco too many de Mayos),

~Miss SugarCookie

2017-05-16 To Market, To Market..

To buy a fat pig.
Home again, home again, Jiggety-jig.

I’ve mostly gotten out of the habit of reading my last blog post when I open my laptop to write the next one. It’s really in the interest of time. If I start by reading, the next thing I know I’m editing and then comes the re-read. Rinse and repeat. So I have to just not hash over what it was last time, or yesterday, or the day before that or I will never get started on today.

Today, however, I was faced with an incredibly interesting situation… Reading what I wrote yesterday when I don’t remember what I wrote because I had been drinking. It’s not the first time and I am sure it will not be the last time, but I will say it happens very rarely. So I read what I wrote and in my head I’m all like “yup, it happened just like that”.

That was me out on the back patio of Jeremy and Rebecca’s house with a half open bottle of Prosecco that nobody wanted to finish on Mother’s day but also did not want to throw out. That was me climbing up on the side wall of the patio, not hesitating to grab that bottle and shake it until it fizz-squirted out the top while I giggled. Wishing I could have a do-over, because you know, I could have done THAT better, I tried to shake the bottle again, which, as it turns out, just looks ridiculous on the video Rebecca decided to film of that moment.

She sent me the video today and I received it while being driven to the airport. As I watched it, I was thinking to myself, “wow, I look really hunched over and my posture could be so much better. I need to work on that”. This was closely followed by “and now I’ll finally have the time”. Which was closely followed by “I really don’t feel so good”. Hangovers are a bitch.

I’m in the air again now and I’ve been processing all the conversations and decisions and thoughts I’ve had these past five days. It’s pretty freaking amazing that in the course of five days, your outlook on life can get so much better. I’m leaving Austin a better person. I’m leaving Austin a happier person. I’ve made my mind up and it feels like the weight of the world has been lifted off of me. It’s not sunny up in this aircraft, but I feel like I should be getting my shades out. 😃

I can see snow capped mountains in the distance and unless I’m totally off, it means we are nearing Denver and about to make our descent. After that I only have one flight left and I’ll be home.

To market to market to buy a fat hog.
Home again, Home again, Jiggety-jog.
~Miss SugarCookie

2017-04-16 Any Given Sunday

It’s Easter, but in my world it’s just another Sunday. Just another Sunday, except today I’m having a hard time getting out of bed because I drank too much last night and did not get enough sleep.

I haven’t drank alcohol for a while now and the last time I did, it was like one or two margaritas at a party that Leah and I went to… until last night. I started with a margarita at the La Mesa Mexican restaurant and that was pretty tasty but then Josh and I went to meet a friend of his at a bar out west for a drink. It was supposed to have a rooftop bar area but they closed it down due to possible bad weather, which was kind of stupid actually since the storms were miles away. It would have been cool to see the lightning show from that location. Anyway, I had two more cocktails there and this morning I have a nice reminder of why I just can’t drink at all anymore.

My head hurts and my stomach is kind of doing a number on me and my eyes are super sensitive to the light. I’d like to sleep more, but I know that I will not be able to. Yesterday I wasted a perfectly good day off of work doing random stuff around the house and didn’t really get to the yard work that I should have been doing outside until it was about 6:30 PM and kind of too late to start anything real. I want to try and make up for that today, but that means I would have to get out of bed first. It might be a challenge.

The drinks at the second place were not that great and I was just drinking to keep my buzz. It was an OK feeling in the moment, but totally not worth what I am feeling now. The older I get the worse this is and I truly don’t really miss the alcohol when I’m off the sauce, so I should just stick with the one drink and done if I am going to have any at all.

Because it is Easter, a lot of places are probably closed so I have no excuses (besides my slight hangover) to not get stuff done outside today. I’ll have to face the bright lights because it does seem quite sunny out, but I think once I’m out there I will be motivated to really make progress on things. My hope would be that by the end of the day I will have several areas of my back yard primed and ready for planting the veggies.

Later I’ll probably go to the Dragon Cafe for sushi and I know they will be open because folks there don’t care that it is Easter. That’s where I had dinner on Christmas. I might just decide to make that my C and E tradition. Instead of observing the holiday at church, I’ll observe the deliciousness of some crab rangoon and tuna avocado rolls. If there’s some benevolent power in the universe watching over all of life, I think she would approve. I say “she” because women have the power to “produce live”, so it only makes sense to me that whatever form that energy manifests in, it would be female.

But enough about me and my hangover and my religious beliefs, it’s time for me to get my butt out of bed and make something out of this Sunday that I have been given.

Much Love,
~Miss SugarCookie

2017-01-20 3AM Hangover?

I drank a lot when I was in Mexico. So much so that I spent several mornings hiding away in my room with a pretty nasty hangover. I can’t say that’s the first time I have done that on vacation (and probably won’t be the last). But even after I arrived home, I had some strange, travel-induced unwell feeling that felt like a hangover for several days. Most certainly this was not because of the drinking right? But I told myself I was going to be dry for the rest of January anyway, especially if I was going to put more focus on eating healthy and exercising.

Last night I broke that when I met my friend Amy out for a catch-up session. I’ve known Amy for 6 years now and she is one of those people who knows most everything about my life and relationships. We had not talked since before Christmas and both had new things to share. Me and my trip and the current state of things with Matt and her and being newly engaged and house designing and all that. Anyway, we met at a wine bar and so I had a couple of glasses.

It was really two glasses over a 3 hour period and I did not feel really tipsy at all when I left, so I was in good shape. What happened when I got home is a different story. I decided to pop some pop-corn and have another glass while I finished watching the second episode of the Bachelor. I put extra butter on the popcorn and that glass of wine just hit me hard. I am not sure why. After, I had a craving for chocolate and ate an entire Twix and felt so tired, I didn’t even finish watching the show and went to bed. The sleep was not good.

I woke up at 3AM with a sour feeling and a slight headache and vomited what was left in my stomach. Was that a hangover? What the hell. Again, very strange. I think my body was/is rejecting both the alcohol and the sugar. I did go back to sleep eventually but had bad dreams. This morning I feel ok, but tired as hell.

I’ve got to start my work day soon, but wondering if I should just stick to nixing the drink for the rest of this month like I originally planned. The experience last night points to probably yes.