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  • 2020-05-14 Revealing My Drinking Age

    2020-05-14 Revealing My Drinking Age

    Yesterday was the first day in a while I felt like I had a handle on life. Round 2 cutting my daughters hair went well (first try the prior day ended porky). Five of my son’s missing geometry assignments have now now been verified as complete and we’re on track for catching up this week. […]

  • 2018-05-05 Sometimes I’m Hilarious

    Most of the time, it’s after I’ve had a few glasses of “somethin’ somethin’” and my inner monologue is full of clever things to say. Whenever I’ve had a few glasses of wine with dinner, I start thinking all kinds of really great tweets. Sometimes, I get as far as opening the app and then […]

  • 2017-05-16 To Market, To Market..

    To buy a fat pig. Home again, home again, Jiggety-jig. I’ve mostly gotten out of the habit of reading my last blog post when I open my laptop to write the next one. It’s really in the interest of time. If I start by reading, the next thing I know I’m editing and then comes […]

  • 2017-04-16 Any Given Sunday

    It’s Easter, but in my world it’s just another Sunday. Just another Sunday, except today I’m having a hard time getting out of bed because I drank too much last night and did not get enough sleep. I haven’t drank alcohol for a while now and the last time I did, it was like one […]

  • 2017-01-20 3AM Hangover?

    I drank a lot when I was in Mexico. So much so that I spent several mornings hiding away in my room with a pretty nasty hangover. I can’t say that’s the first time I have done that on vacation (and probably won’t be the last). But even after I arrived home, I had some […]

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