2017-01-20 3AM Hangover?

I drank a lot when I was in Mexico. So much so that I spent several mornings hiding away in my room with a pretty nasty hangover. I can’t say that’s the first time I have done that on vacation (and probably won’t be the last). But even after I arrived home, I had some strange, travel-induced unwell feeling that felt like a hangover for several days. Most certainly this was not because of the drinking right? But I told myself I was going to be dry for the rest of January anyway, especially if I was going to put more focus on eating healthy and exercising.

Last night I broke that when I met my friend Amy out for a catch-up session. I’ve known Amy for 6 years now and she is one of those people who knows most everything about my life and relationships. We had not talked since before Christmas and both had new things to share. Me and my trip and the current state of things with Matt and her and being newly engaged and house designing and all that. Anyway, we met at a wine bar and so I had a couple of glasses.

It was really two glasses over a 3 hour period and I did not feel really tipsy at all when I left, so I was in good shape. What happened when I got home is a different story. I decided to pop some pop-corn and have another glass while I finished watching the second episode of the Bachelor. I put extra butter on the popcorn and that glass of wine just hit me hard. I am not sure why. After, I had a craving for chocolate and ate an entire Twix and felt so tired, I didn’t even finish watching the show and went to bed. The sleep was not good.

I woke up at 3AM with a sour feeling and a slight headache and vomited what was left in my stomach. Was that a hangover? What the hell. Again, very strange. I think my body was/is rejecting both the alcohol and the sugar. I did go back to sleep eventually but had bad dreams. This morning I feel ok, but tired as hell.

I’ve got to start my work day soon, but wondering if I should just stick to nixing the drink for the rest of this month like I originally planned. The experience last night points to probably yes.

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