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  • 2021-06-30 List Making Foolishness!… ✅✅✅

    2021-06-30 List Making Foolishness!… ✅✅✅

    It’s the last day of the month. This month I did something I haven’t done in a good long time and that was to put my monthly goals on the whiteboard in my office. In truth I only did it about a week ago in an attempt to reboot my productivity with regard to longer […]

  • 2018-05-30 Two More Days

    To get things checked off my to-do list. It’s deciding what’s important and what is not. I feel like I haven’t accomplished much, but to be fair isn’t loving life enough??!! Today I picked up my car from the tire place where I had new tires put on yesterday. That was on my to-do list […]

  • 2019-05-03 Threes and Things I Really Don’t Need

    Today is either.. “Third Time is a charm” OR “Three strikes and you’re out”. I’m talking about donating at the Red Cross. I’ve tried twice before in the last couple weeks and my hemoglobin has been too low. Last time it was by two tenths of a point and that’s sooooo close. I’ve been eating […]

  • 2017-08-07 What Works and What Doesn’t

    Last week I decided to throw my trusty to-do list out the window and just live and do the things that struck my fancy when the moments were ripe. By Wednesday I felt very unproductive and unsatisfied and by Thursday I decided to make a list and start crossing things off and by Friday, I […]

  • 2017-08-01 Welcome to August

    Yesterday I did that thing that I have been doing every Monday for several weeks. I made a list. I’ve made a list at the beginning of the week and each day take care of something so that progress is inevitable. Last week I crossed off all but two or three things on the list […]

  • 2017-06-23 Now What?

    Four weeks ago when I quit my job it felt scary, but wonderful. I felt as if a huge weight was lifted off me. All the technical debt of the past and all the piles of work in the future were suddenly not going to be my problem anymore. I had resolved to take some […]