2018-05-30 Two More Days

To get things checked off my to-do list. It’s deciding what’s important and what is not. I feel like I haven’t accomplished much, but to be fair isn’t loving life enough??!!

Today I picked up my car from the tire place where I had new tires put on yesterday. That was on my to-do list in like January and so I’m only like five months behind. I procrastinated that one so long. A few weeks ago I discovered one of the tires was slightly flat. The indicator light in my dash was the first clue. That day I thought to myself, “this is it, finally the last straw I was looking for to motivate me to pull the trigger on replacing my tires”. WRONG

I used the event as a lesson to C on what you can/should do if the tire is low but still driveable. We went to the gas station and put air in it. Checked the tire for the max pressure and then plunked 4 quarters in the machine. A buck for air?? Wtf?

Then I channeled the voice of an older generation, “back in my day son, Air was free. What is this world coming to?”. And that air bought me a little more time on the tire. Several days later and I’m back at the gas station again putting more air in, instead of calling to make an appointment to have them replaced. Somehow I’d found a way to procrastinate just a little longer. Whatever. Then a week went by, including a long holiday weekend and when I went out to the garage, I discovered my tire was very flat. Too flat to drive on. Uhhhh, ok.

This time I was going to teach JS a lesson. You know what you can do if you have a slow leak in your tire and it’s flat and you need to drive to get somewhere? You pump it up with a manual bike pump. Hell yeah, you can do that! And we did. So the first order of business after the holiday was calling around to get estimates and then pulling the trigger. When I was all done with that mess (this morning walking to pick up my car and then driving back home), I wrote “Get Tires Replaced” on my to-do list for May and then crossed it off. Cuz that’s how I roll.

So now I have two.. strike that.. one more day to get all the stuff on my list done. It’s not happening. I’ve procrastinated everything that is not essential. If the last day or two has taught me anything, it is that the essential stuff gets done anyway, so no reason to list it or even think or worry about it. If it wasn’t for the satisfaction of crossing it off the list, I might not even have a list. (OK, that’s a lie, I love my lists). But whatever.

I started writing this blog at like 8AM and got sidetracked by life and now it’s 10:47PM and time for bed. It turned out to be a pretty great day, despite not checking any more things off of my list. But.. there’s always tomorrow. 😉

Whose Counting Anyway,
~Miss SugarCookie

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