2019-05-03 Threes and Things I Really Don’t Need

Today is either.. “Third Time is a charm” OR “Three strikes and you’re out”. I’m talking about donating at the Red Cross. I’ve tried twice before in the last couple weeks and my hemoglobin has been too low. Last time it was by two tenths of a point and that’s sooooo close. I’ve been eating all the right things (Cheeseburgers – yeah!!), and taking iron supplements.

In truth, I’ve taken a LOT of iron and I know my body can’t absorb all that. It’s kind of messing with my system. If I’m not successful today, then that’s it, I’m out. I will conceed and admit that this whole blood donation thing is just not meant for me.

My hemoglobin is not so low to be a concern medically and if I went to my doc for it, he would just say, “perhaps you should consider taking an iron supplement”. Yeah.. thanks. I think it’s just how I was built. You know my temp always runs under 98.6, my BP is moderately low, these are the facts. There are variants in human biology and just because the norm is 98.6 degrees, doesn’t mean we cant have slight degrees in differences does it? Maybe that’s wrong. I dunno. 🤷‍♀️

The Fitbit Alta HR was on sale (30 bucks off) at Target this week and I pulled the trigger on that. The HR came out like two weeks after I got mine and I’ve wanted this one for a good long while. It’s the first purchase I’ve made from the list I started last fall for “things” I would buy when I was “back in the black”. I haven’t looked at that list in months and that’s pretty telling. I don’t need those things. I just needed a mechanism to get thinking about them out of my brain and the list was it. Then, the things I continue to think about are truly the ones I’ll value, like the Alta HR. For Christmas I got an echo dot and it’s perfect for this. I can verbally add things to a grocery list or wish list as I think about them and then forget about it. When I’m at the store shopping, I look at the stuff and can sort though what I really need versus what was just a fancy thought.

For example, I don’t really need a new bathroom scale. I’ve wanted an Aria, but I don’t need it. I’m keeping track of potential bday gift ideas for C. I’m keeping track of home improvement ideas. I’m keeping track of potential vacation destinations. It’s awesome. Then my mind is clear to focus on what I need to. It doesn’t replace my beloved white board. That’s my goals for the current month and I need that as a daily reminder and the satisfaction I get when crossing things off when they get done. This morning I’ll be revisiting the list and getting rid of April and doing May. That’s also a wonderful exercise.

It shows how much I got done and what was not important enough to do. Some incomplete things will make it to the May list and some will be re-evaluated and fall off. I have a former co-worker, Don, who used to say that if you put something off long enough, you know it’s not that important and will likely never get done. He’s right.

It’s a very grey, foggy day here and perfect for a lazy day at home. I should be able to get some good hours into work since I won’t be enticed to go outside and play in the yard. I’ve got a serious dandelion issue that needs some attention but waiting for a break in the rain to administer some weed killer. (Put it on the list). 😉

For posterity, here’s my April 2018 list before it gets erased from the whiteboard forever…
Taxes ✅
Get Roof Scheduled ✅
Finish Easthope Book ✅
Paint Dining Room ✅
Organize Poetry Blog
Reach out to Former Customers
Get the RX8 Running
Get health insurance on the kids ✅
Plan C’s Birthday ✅
Submit Poems to UNO Spring Contest ✅
Read Kinzie Chapter 6
Poetry Workshop
Visit Amy ✅
Pay C’s Doctor Bill ✅
W4 Change
Submit April MFA Packet ✅
Sign up for Summer Residency ✅
529 Nest Deposit
Work through Idea Factory Stuff ✅
Recycle Glass

Not a bad set list for April. And not a ton to carry over into this month. I’m sure soon, plant flowers will be added and that will keep me busy for a while.

Time for me to go boost my iron by eating some more red meat. Fingers crossed that the third time really is the charm.

~Miss SugarCookie

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