2017-02-03 Up at 4:30AM Again

Awake and thinking about everything again.

I’ve got this really long, like mini-novel in me about what my last relationship (yeah, the one I don’t have closure on) did to me and is still doing to me daily. It’s lots of backstory that seems to evolve a little bit each time I think about it and also quite a bit on how I feel about the entire thing right now in the moment.

I’m certain nobody wants to read that. I’m certain that my self-centered view of the situation as it was and as it is now is as boring to anyone else as .. opening junk mail. It’s not insightful or informative or helpful. It’s not uplifting or forward thinking or exciting. It’s just me.

“It’s just me, I’m just obscene”. ~SS

Perhaps that’s why I have resisted spending more time than I already have hashing over it so as to paint a clear picture here on this forum. Part of me thinks anyone who might be interested will pick up on the main bits just by little nuggets I throw in randomly. But part of me wants to make sure I won’t somehow be misunderstood. Kinds like SS up there.

There are other quite relevant pieces I’ve not keyed about yet. It’s all just too much. Too much.


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