2017-02-25 Rose Buddies Anyone?

I’m just hanging out tonight for a little bit with my sister’s dog, Odin. Her husband is out of town on a ski trip with his family and she couldn’t go because of work but that left the puppy home alone for too long. I’m happy to come take care of this pup because he’s so sweet. It’s a nice break for me to also get a little alone time.

I’m listening to Rose Buddies. I’ve mentioned my past addiction to TV and though I rarely watch anything now, there is one show I’ve been watching fairly consistently for several seasons and that’s “The Bachelor”. Yeah, that.

Once a week while the show is in session, I head to the gym so I can walk the treadmill and squeeze all the feels I can get out of it. Rose Buddies is a podcast that is done by a couple who spend an hour talking about each episode doing a recap and adding their own personal (and often hilarious) commentary about it. They use the word “Fuck” a lot (Griffin does anyway) which is kind of refreshing since most of the time I’m in situations where folks censor that stuff out. It’s also the reason I opted to listen to it at my sister’s place and not at home with the kids around.

I got into this podcast because of Matt. He flat out refused to watch TV, but got into listening to certain podcasts and came across this one. We would listen to it together sometimes laying in bed before going to sleep. Now I’m sitting on my sister’s couch enjoying it with Odin (who now appears to be fast asleep).

This week was “hometowns” on the Bachelor. This means that there are four lovely ladies who are most certainly all in love with the same guy and are taking him home to meet their family. It’s just cray-cray and I love it. 😃 I poke fun at all the ridiculousness of this show each week as much as the next person, but if I’m being completely honest, I would probably jump at the chance to go on that show (especially now that I’m officially single). I also really feel for some of these people and what they are going through. I know it’s all reality television “magic” and you see what they want you to see, but that does not mean that the emotions I get from watching aren’t real. My heart breaks for some of these people who are sure they have found the one only to be crushed by the reality that the person they love is in love with someone else.

So there, my secret is out.. and I don’t care who knows it. On that note, time to get back to Rachel and Griffin McElroy and finish out this weeks installment of Rose Buddies.

Stop and Smell the Roses,
Miss SugarCookie

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