2017-05-08 Day Off.. Sort Of

Today I took the day off and my son Cooper also took the day off so we could spend some QT, just the two of us. At the present moment that means we are both sitting in my bed listening to Fall Out Boy and playing on our respective electronics. It’s the life. 😃

The weekends are great, but what really rocks is having a day off when everyone else has to go to work or school. It’s like bonus time you never would have had that you also don’t have to use to maintain all the other things and people in your life. It’s just total “me” time, or in this case “us” time. Sometimes vacations don’t even feel as free because of the expectation that you are going somewhere or doing something or are intending a desired outcome.

In a few minutes we are going to the Village Inn to get some breakfast/lunch and after that, perhaps some jumping on the trampoline. It’s going to get hot today so it would be great to do that before the highest heat of the day.

Because Cooper is playing a video game, I actually checked my work email and did a little communication. I don’t think I’m ever really “off” work. People still need things from me and I’d just really rather take care of it now, and get it moving forward than let it sit there and weigh on my mind. If all it takes is an email reply, that’s no big deal and totally worth it. I’m dependable dedicated and I can’t help it.

Having said that, it’s now time for me to get my booty out of bed (and kick Cooper out too) so we can get busy trying to ignore the world and have some fun.

Happy Monday,
~Miss SugarCookie

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