2017-05-15 Austin – Monday’s Are Different Here

For real yo! OK So the truth is, it is 11:PM at night and I’ve got a solid buzz and hopped on thoughts and feels. Tomorrow I have to go back home and face reality. Tomorrow I have to go back home and belly back up to the office environment I have come to hate so much. Tomorrow I get to go home and see my children and revel in the fact that “nothing really matters to me” and that it is all going to be OK no matter what happens next.

This is the turning point people. This is the moment you have been waiting for. This is the non-boring, non-boggy journal post that is not exactly the same as the one that preceded it the day before. This is the one where I declare something is going to change. This is the one where I take that shittly bottle of proseco onto the patio wall and shake it in utter ridiculousness as I say “I’m quitting Mother Fuckers”, and don’t have an ounce of remorse or regret or embarrassment. I just take that bottle and pour it ridiculously all over the lawn. This is the turning point.

So the decision has been made by the AAC and now it’s all a matter of execution. If “nothing really matters”, like Queen would have you to believe, then we can all go about our merry way and things will still continue to be and exist how they are.

If, by chance, something matters, then maybe there is more conversation to be had about it. But that is ALL that is to be had in this case. There is no more action, only words. I live by words and I LIVE by words. Outside of that, you would have a hard time convincing me that anything else is inevitable. Even you.

Anyhow.. It’s `11:14 PM awn a Monday and I’ve had my fill or Rum and red wine and am ready for bed. Tomorrow promises to be something entirely different indeed, and I need my rest to get the most out of it.

Love Always,
~Miss Sugar Cookie

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