2017-06-08 On Books and Reading

I’ve started reading a new book. Something that I picked up in Denver from Lance. It’s called “Love and Garbage” and was written by Ivan Klima. I cracked it open last Sunday when I took the kids to the pool and am really not that far into it, but already I am reminded how much I love to read.

I finished the last book I read back in January when I returned from my trip to Mexico and that was extremely satisfying. After that I attempted to read another book I downloaded randomly on my kindle which was more of a reference and “guide” if you will, to eating healthy. It was very much about the body mind connection and claimed that if you eat healthy, you mind mind will follow suit. While I agree with that somewhat, I just don’t have it in me to read such a thing. It’s apparently not in my nature.

I wrote a poem about it once. I have several books on my shelf that are “instructional” in some way. Everything from being happy, to raising children in a divorce situation, to harnessing the “Power of Now”. I have tried and failed to read all of these. They are wasted on me. But give me a good story about the end of the world and beyond, or some strange romance, or group of characters in a make believe world who have magical powers and I am all-in.

It may get to the point where I’m completely “unavailable” for a couple of days while I disconnect from my reality completely to become one with that world. Pretty soon now, that may be a more frequent occurrence and I am looking very forward to it. I miss reading books. That’s never a thing I thought I would say in my life, but that’s what has happened. Time to change that too.

Keep Reading On,
~Miss SugarCookie

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