2017-07-26 Rainy Day Rambling

During the high heat of the summer, on a day when the long stretch of 90+ degree days seems to have been endless, I wake up in my bed longing for a brisk fall or even winter type day when I can don my long, warm, fuzzy pajama pants and make myself a nice hot cup of something and snuggle inside all day and not have to worry about watering the yard. Summer is my second favorite season but the long-hot bit is something I don’t care for.

Today I woke up to rain, so that’s a nice break. I can look out the back window and the veg doesn’t look like it is going to wilt into nothing and I’m grateful I don’t have to go outside today. Perhaps today I can focus on things on my to-do list that are indoor activities instead. Sometimes there are things that I put off because I choose to do the things I prefer doing, like gardening, with excuses that time is of the essence. I have to take advantage of every moment I can outside. Honestly, I have an endless list of things I want to do in my yard and garden so the inside things really can get neglected for a long time.

I think once I had something on my to-do list for like two months. Someone once told me that if something stays on the list that long, then it never really needs doing and you should remove it. I wonder what would happen if I removed “open, sort, file mail” from my list? Eventually I would not need a table or closet to hide that ugly monster of un-attended dead trees, but instead an entire room or something. I can imagine giving a new person a tour of my house and opening a door a slight crack and saying, “And this is the mail room, but I can’t open the door too much or it will escape”. Really, it is the chore I hate to do the most. Just dreadful.

The other nice thing about a rainy morning in summer is that it’s darker than normal so the body can be tricked into sleeping in a little late. I think I slept in a little and the kids are still sleeping (not that they need a dark morning to do that).

My mom is coming over this afternoon so hopefully that will be a nice visit. I think Z and I are going to spend some time today hunting for activities for her for the remainder of the summer since she is bored and all of her so-called friends are being total jackasses. C got caught with his video game after midnight last night so he’ll be without all day today. Perhaps with all that we’ll break out some board games and have a day of inside fun. I’ll also likely finish the book I have been reading which will be the first book I’ve read cover to cover since returning from my vacation in Mexico in January. Maybe tomorrow’s blog will be a book review.

Anyway, I should get up and get moving now. Still a little stiff and recovering slow from whatever got a hold of me Saturday night. I think I might be a touch allergic to something right now too because I’ve developed a runny nose and also a cough. Bummer.

Happy Hump Day,
~Miss SugarCookie

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