2017-08-04 More On That Later

Yesterday ended up being a fairly down and negative day for me and today was quite the opposite and it is at the end of the day now and I’ve been trying to put my finger on what exactly the difference has been and I really don’t know.

Yesterday was a day of pretty minimal physical activity and that might have something to do with it. I also got rejected, yet again, at the Red Cross Blood donation center (more on that later perhaps). All in all though, it was mostly the same stuff. Chores at home, a few errands, lunch out with a friend, yada-yadda. Last night I got myself put together and went downtown to listen to a lecture on bio-mechanics and the importance of variability in movement in the human body (more on this later). That was interesting but apparently not enough to pull me out of the down mood I was in.

Today I went for a walk around Walnut in the afternoon with Josh and then we went to a department store to shop for shorts for him. After that we played tennis for a bit. Nothing super exciting, but more active I guess. Plus the fact that I was not alone. Maybe that’s the “it” factor.

For a few days now I’ve been cautiously optimistic about a few of my new connections from the Bumble, but as time marches on, both those “leads” are thinning quite a bit and probably the only place they are leading is nowhere (perhaps more on this later). I’ve completely lost interest in trying to make new connections via the app and have stopped using it completely. I’ve now concluded that if I am to meet someone, it’s just going to happen naturally as I am living my life and doing the things that I enjoy doing. More “organically” if you will. Quite appropriate for the “Organic SugarCookie” right??!

I slept for over 9 hours last night and though I was not sleepy at all when I sat down to write just now, the longer I sit here, the more I can feel that heavy tired feeling start to take over. Today was Friday so that means tomorrow is the weekend, but since every day feels like the weekend now, it really does not make any difference. I’ll probably do Jazzercise in the morning and depending on the weather, get more done outside in the afternoon. It could rain though. How exciting.. my life is so exciting I am writing about exercise and the weather.

It looks like I have several other topics that I could elaborate on instead, but I’m just not inclined to start in on any of them at this late hour. Perhaps I will dig into one of those later… like tomorrow.

Until We Meet Again,
~Miss Sugar Cookie

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