2017-08-15 Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

The kids got back on Sunday night and I got to hear all about their big adventure. Monday we had a pretty balanced day and I just could not help but feel how everything is right with the world again. I know they make me so mad sometimes but having them home is good and I just would really be lost without them.

Yesterday we went shopping for school supplies. I normally don’t batt an eyelash at such things but when our total rang up to like 60 bucks my jaw just dropped. That was just for paper and folders and pencils. I almost don’t believe it. They have expensive taste and like things to be well organized, just like their mom, so I can’t blame them. I just hope they realize if they are going to carry that taste with them their whole lives they better get good jobs to support that. My not having one right now is kind of eye opening because I look at every purchase like “do I really need that”. It’s good for me I think.

Today we have registration/check-in at the high school and after that I will be meeting with Chris W. back in Blackstone for coffee or ice-cream or something. We were supposed to go last week but I opted to reschedule so I could do that swim day with that person I have met up with several times now for coffee and his daughter. I’m not sure how the conversation with Chris will go as we only know each other through Matt. I wonder if he will have lots of questions or if it will all just be random catching up on stuff.

Tomorrow is the first full day of school and I will also be glad to get back into more of a routine schedule. Up at 7, done with drop-off by 8, and then I can figure out what to do with my time between 8 and 3.

Well, now I’ve got to pick Z and her friend up now in order to make it to registration in time. I’ve got a tight schedule if I want to do Jazzercise at 4:30.

Time’s a Wasting,
~Miss SugarCookie

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