2017-09-19 Taco Tuesday

It is quite rare for it to be 8:30PM and not only am I not really tired yet, but have sort of run out of things to do. Well, there are always things to do, but things that I could start that I would finish by bedtime. I’m planning to go to bed at 10:30 so I have about 2 hours to play with and the kids are otherwise occupied.

I feel like I got a ton of stuff done today but I misplaced my to-do list so I can’t really verify that. If I had to use memory recall and go play-by-play, this is how my day looked:

Wake up at 4:30AM
Grocery shopping.
Morning routine (make kids’ breakfast, make lunches, and get the kids to school)
Visit the gym for elliptical and treadmill (plus push-ups)
Do dishes
Made Juice.
Eat Breakfast
Check and water plants outside/harvest veggies
Eat Lunch.
Do email follow ups.
Start Broccoli sprouting
Steph came over to drop off something and chat.
Josh came over to pick something up and chat.
Kids came home and we chatted.
I went to Jazzercise
Cook and eat dinner (yes it was Taco Tuesday and we did have tacos.
Z and I went homecoming dress shopping.
Visited Target to get jars for canning and a few things for pico.
More dishes.
Now I am back at home and back at the laptop.

So you can see how a person’s day can just be completely full without ever going to a job. I don’t know how I am going to go back to work. I just don’t know how that is going to work itself out.

It’s About Time (and Tacos)
~Miss SugarCookie

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