2017-09-22 From Beginning to End

Right now I am so far away from where I began the day at 5AM. I was awake and wishing I had a treadmill. How silly is that? Who would want to walk on a treadmill at 6AM? But whatever.

I fought with my body hard today. I worked so much on physical things and resisted the ick that is still.. STILL trying to take me down. I ended up being at the gym for almost 3 hours this morning. I did elliptical and then a group cardio class and then walking for 3 miles. After all that, I approached the front desk and inquired about body fat percentage testing. I wanted to see what they do and if it compares at all to what I had done at UNO.

The head fitness dude was the one I ended up talking to and he basically took my height and weight and told me to hold onto a device that would read some electrostatic current going through my system and spit out a number. Night and day difference between being submerged in water and being told to hang onto a thing for 3 seconds. I’m skeptical. My number came up about 4 percentage points lower than the UNO number and with a margin of error at 3 points, I’m now even more skeptical. The submersion is supposed to be the most accurate, if you can really breathe out all your air. I’m inclined to use this test as the new baseline because it’s 1). Free and 2.) Super easy and fast.

In the end, he wanted to sell me on a personal training plan including two sessions a week with a trainer. I knew that was coming and I was ready with my, “Probably not until I have a job again”. That’s impossible to argue with. Especially considering that it would cost like 400 bucks a month. Not really worth it at all in my opinion. I wonder what they will say when I am back in 3 or 6 months just asking to repeat the body fat test?

Anyhow, after 3+ hours there, I spend the afternoon working on house prep for a party on Saturday. I’m hosting a going away party for my friends Jeff and Steph. I expect to have 10 to 20 people at the house. I did not have much to do, but wanted to decorate for fall and tidy up a bit and this was a good excuse.

My evening consisted of more exercise in the form of a bike ride that was atypical for me. We rode to a farmer’s market and then to a bike shop and all of that was using surface streets and going up and down Omaha hills. I wanted to prove that I could do it (and wanted to try to make it look like minimal effort). I did OK, but ohhhhh, some of those hills I will definitely be feeling tomorrow.

It’s almost midnight now and I’ve just finished some sleepy-time tea with honey as my throat is sore and my voice is cracking. I’m really so very tired and it does not even feel like it could possibly be the same day that first blog post was written. It’s a long way from the beginning and now I am at the end.

Time For Dreamland,
~Miss SugarCookie

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