2017-10-02 Looking Back and Looking Forward – Part Two

For the second night in a row last night I was trying to type while literally falling asleep. It’s not as if I have not been getting good sleep, but the days just have me so worn out, my body and mind are past ready when 10:30 approaches. That’s a good thing I think. It looks like I wrote a little bit about it being the beginning of a new month, but not a lot of detail behind what I was looking back on and looking forward to. So here’s the deets…

My goals for September included all of the following and I’m pretty sure I fell short of the mark on most of this:

  • Dancing Lessons – I googled but did not make any calls or try to put anything on the calendar.
  • Taking a self defense class – I didn’t even look into this.
  • Going to visit Rebecca in Austin – Done Done.
  • Making modifications to my eating behaviors – I’ve started, but like my post about goals from about a month ago, if there is not a lot of definition behind what this means, it’s hard to know how one is doing or if changes need to be made. I’ve cut out pain pills for my headaches and learned how to sprout broccoli for salads. I’m going to try in the next month to start reducing sugar and also gluten, but I need to baseline what things look like now to be able to measure the improvements.
  • Getting my RX8 Sold. This one is sort of on me but mostly on Josh. I’ve commissioned him to do the job and he’s really sucking at it. It may be true I am asking too much, but I’ve dropped the price now a couple of times and there have been zero bites. I’m going to add this back to my October goals with a pre-req to re-do the market research I did a while back into how much the car is worth. I need to get it sold.. 1.) For the cash. and 2.) Insurance cost. and 3.) Space in my garage I need to be able to start my table refinishing project.
  • Of course, my figuring out what I want to be when I grow up. I started this. Did some brainstorming and networking. No major conclusions, but it did lead me to the idea of getting my masters (See things I did that were not on my list).

Things I accomplished that were not on my list:

  • -I researched and put reminders on my calendar for the upcoming Master Gardeners session orientation. I’ve got an affinity for gardening and this is something I’ve thought about for a while now.
  • I pursued having a professional opinion on if my roof and gutters need replacing. I subsequently filed an insurance claim and they approved me getting a new roof. I guess I can put that on the list for October.
  • Reorganized my bedroom closet.
  • I applied for a job at UNMC in their IT department.
  • I applied for the Master of Fine Arts program at UNO. This was a somewhat unexpected decision and having decided I wanted to go for it, I had to scramble because the deadline for submission was October 1st.

Things I want to do accomplish in October:

  • Everything I wanted to do in September but did not get done.
  • Plan details around Hawaii trip.
  • Start pursuing some job opportunities.
  • Plant spring bulbs.
  • Prep yard for winter.
  • Get down to my target weight so I can look famous in my bikini in Hawaii.

I’ve started using the standard issue Monarch planner to keep track of my to-do’s each day/each week. It was the planner they gave to all the high-school kids but Z did not like it so it became mine. So far, it’s helping me do a pretty good job staying on target for things and if I don’t get something done, I can just write it in a future date to do. Previously I was just using throw away scraps of paper so this way I can look at other notes I am taking along the way and since it is dated, I can put reminders for things in the future (like Simon’s birthday this coming Wednesday).

We had some wicked storms last night that woke me up around 2 so I am feeling a nap coming on now. Either that or writing is suddenly causing me to spontaneously fall asleep.

Happy Monday – Let’s DO THIS!
~Miss SugarCookie

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