2017-10-07 Do What You Want, Do What You Like

Today feels like Saturday. That is probably because it is Saturday. Ha! But seriously, more and more everyday feels like Saturday and I like it.

Today we are finally getting a break from the Fall rain and the sunshine is amazing. From my desk in by bay window I am getting a nice breeze of fresh air and can hear sounds of people playing and working. My intent is to get the kids outside pretty soon now. A little bit ago I tried to go out in the garden for harvest but it was seriously squishy. I got as many tomato and peppers as I could and will probably work on making them into something either tonight or tomorrow, when daylight is gone or the chill of the morning can be made better by burners going in a warm kitchen. I’m really enjoying harvest this year and having time to spend in the kitchen making old favorites and trying new things. I’ve said it before but I will say it again, you have to do what you like because that is what life is all about.

The concert last night was pretty freaking awesome and I knew every song but one. I guess that’s what happens when you go see a hit band that’s been around for 20 years. And now I can officially add Matchbox Twenty to the list of bands I’ve seen live. Earlier this year I saw Tom Petty at Red Rocks and they did a few covers of his stuff last night in tribute to the now late singer. I’m glad I had the opportunity to see him when I did and where I did. That’s just another reason why we should always continue to pursue doing the things that we love to do. (That’s two.)

This morning, before the rain stopped, I decided to cross another item off of my to-do list which was to start a fire in my fireplace and then burn a log that is essentially supposed to “sweep” the chimney. It does that by burning really hot, or so I am told. I could not tell the difference in the temp myself, but maybe up beyond the flu where it counts. After days of damp it seemed like an appropriate thing to do, and then as soon as I did that, the sun came out. Oh the irony of life! But now it’s ready for the fall and winter seasons.

One of the main selling points for me when I bought this house (besides location location location), was the fact that it has a real wood burning fireplace. I’ve lived here for nearly two years now and have never once used it.. until today. I think that is amazing. When I was a kid we rented a house that had a real fireplace and I remember I used to love starting fires and watching the wood burn. I’ve continued to enjoy that as an adult, but only had campfires and fire pits outside. Now I can have them inside too and so continues the saga of doing the things that we want to do. (That’s three).

In a little bit, as soon as I can get the kids motivated we are going to go do something and then meet Simon for a cheeseburger at a new place that just opened in his area of town. I’m hopeful that the food is excellent so I can provide a glowing review of that later. I have not had a lot of cheeseburgers lately and I need to fix that. The cheeseburger will be score number 4 for this weekend thus far in the list of things I’ve done that are at the top of my hit list. I’m wondering if I should make it official and try for some sort of epic record?

Anyway, if momma don’t get those little clones moving, nobody will so I’ve got to go now.

Keeping Score,
~Miss SugarCookie

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