2017-12-07 Negative One Hours Until Tomorrow

This is the first time in a long time that I could not seem to fall asleep shortly after going to bed. The clock has turned over time and it is now tomorrow, which means everything I may reveal probably happened “yesterday”. The last couple days in general have been full of lots of things. There has been a lot that I did and a lot that I did not do.

I went to the startup collaborative’s “one million cups” session which was interesting as always, but sort of feels like a waste of my time. I’m not likely going to find a job or discover the new “best” thing there, but it is a chance to network a little bit and get more comfortable doing that. I’m challenging my own social anxiety more than anything else.

I applied for two more jobs online bringing my weekly total to seven. I originally targeted three a day, but I’ve adjusted my goal to ten a week plus communications with five other known contacts about potential contracting. So far I have done two of the latter. The folks in California seem really interested in me and I have another interview with them tomorow.. er.. today.

What I didn’t do is probably a more telling story…
1. I didn’t hit my daily step goal.
2. I didn’t blog (making up for that now I guess).
3. I didn’t get to ordering my official transcripts so I can register for school.
4. I didn’t look into filling out my financial aid forms.
5. I didn’t work on my HVAC issues (though I do now have the new hardware to do this).
6. I didn’t eat any vegetables (unless you count the ones cut up in the home-made chili I had for lunch).

Instead, I opted to do meet ups, and coffee, and chat with people almost all day until I was ready to be home and be alone. Once it got to that point, I opted to make cookies (gluten free of course) instead of eating healthy or getting more exercise. All evening I sat at my laptop researching one thing or another until I decided it was time for bed. That’s when I realized my mind was crazy-busy and I’ve been lying awake in the dark ever since.

Right now, I have my sweet kitten on my lap and I’m still not feeling tired. My sister and I talked about doing the “whole 30” together, which I’m completely uneducated about so I may go surf the electronic superhighway for info on that. I’ve heard people talk about it before but never looked into it.

Perhaps more on that tomorrow (aka/ later today),
~Miss SugarCookie


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