2017-12-14 The Nicest Rejection Ever

I’ve got too many emails in my personal in-box. I’m notorious for opening what’s important and ignoring the rest. Truly.

That little red badge on the app on my phone typically has 1000+ on it which, apparently, doesn’t really bother me like it bothers some people. I will go through every couple months and do mass deletes and get it back around about 400. At the same time I attempt to unsubscribe from things, but it really does not take long to creep up to quadruple digits again.

A few days ago I opened my gmail account from chrome on my laptiop and there were no less that 20 new messages (and that was only after about a half a day). As I quickly scanned the sender and subject there was one in particular that caught my eye. It was from “The Sun”.

“The Sun” is a literary publication that prints stories and poetry and about two months ago I submitted about five poems in line with their requested theme of “Love and Justice”.

I didn’t even hesitate long enough to let any excitement rise inside of me. I opened immediately and read “Thank you for your poetry submission ‘On Love and Justice’ but…”. What followed were words which amount to what is quite possibly the nicest rejection I’ve ever had.

I wonder if that was a form response they send to everyone or if a person actually typed that out just for me. Probably the former, but I’d have to submit to them again to know for sure.

If circumstances were different, and I had not been riding high on my job search success, it may have left me feeling disappointed and sad. As it was, though, I took it in stride and barely gave it another thought.

What I know about this sort of thing is that the rejection rate is high. Some people make hundreds of submissions and only a few, if any, get accepted. It truly is subjective and based on what they are looking for. With poetry, and creative writing in general, beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

This one didn’t work out but that’s ok. Now that I’ve done one, it will be easier to do more. I’m confident some of my work will be published at some point. I may not look for another target for a while though as I’m going to need to focus on school and my new job. Perhaps I’ll even spend some effort to clean up my email.

Ahhhh… Probably not. 😜

Perpetually Positive,

~Miss SugarCookie

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