2017-12-17 The Holiday at Hogwarts Letdown

Maybe it’s the fact that I dropped some serious cash on the “experience”. Maybe it’s the fact that it did not seem to be a value for what I paid. Perhaps I felt my companions were not very grateful. Or maybe I’m just tired and have a head ache and that’s the reason I’m unhappy with the “Show” we just got home from.

I’m talking about the Holiday at Hogwarts event put on by the Apollon Art Space near down town. I got three tickets for the kids and myself and two more for Simon and his daughter and the five of us sat together for the feast which was followed by some interactive demonstration.

We had potions, where I made poly-juice potion (which was actually gin and tonic with melon liquor to make it green). It was nasty. We had transfiguration, where we basically did origami and made paper cranes. We made mandrakes with Professor Sprout and had our fortunes read by Trelawney. She said I’m going to hit it big in the stock market (I’m not going to quit my new job quite yet). Don’t get me wrong, it was neat, but not 60 bucks a ticket neat!

After the show, we went back across the street to Hogsmeade to send letters via the Owl post. We waited so long for everyone else, that it was really too late for me to do one. If I want, I can always go back sometime this week to write a letter when no one else is there. I think I would feel more comfortable without the pressure of people watching or waiting as I try to write a letter.

Z wrote one to her dad, which was sweet, but left me feeling sad. Simon wrote his mom. His daughter wrote her little sister. Cooper sat in the car and waited because he wasn’t interested in writing a letter. And I just stood there, feeling lonely and awkward.

I was irritated that after all the money I spent on the show, Z still wanted me to buy something for her in the shop. Some $15 trinket of a necklace she could probably make herself at a fraction of the cost. She can be so ungrateful and spoiled. It’s disappointing.

I need to get to sleep now. Tomorrow I need to switch gears and really dig into my new job. There have been emails and meeting invites coming in all weekend plus slack conversations and several new invites to shared work spaces/documentation repositories. I feel like haven’t even started yet and I don’t know where to begin. I’m sure it will be fine but, my oh my.

Letting it Go,
~Miss SugarCookie

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