2017-12-21 Happy Winter Solstice

The past few years the winters here in Nebraska have been pretty mild. So far, this year is no exception to that. We haven’t had any of that nasty white precipitation and the temps have stayed mostly above freezing. I don’t think we’ve even had more than a few single digit lows.

Despite the reality of global warming and the role it plays in this change in our typically harsh winters, I’m still ok with the trend.

Don’t get me wrong.. I care. I want to conserve energy, recycle, reduce my carbon footprint, and all of that. On a day to day basis, I am constantly mindful of waste and I do try to take the steps that I can to do the right things. However, there is only so much one person can do and getting a whole population to care enough to actually take action that leads to positive change feels impossible.

Case in point.. The current President of the United States, Donald Trump, is a complete ass-hat. WE did that, or at the very least WE allowed it to happen and now WE are allowing the reign of idiocracy to continue. So my faith in the collective WE is at an all-time low.

Add to this is the fact that there are so many issues diverting people attention. In today’s fast paced society a person has to choose their battles wisely. Ask yourself.. What is the one major issue you are willing to fall on a sword for?

Is it global warming and the environment?

Is it racism?

Is it women’s equality in the workforce and wages?

Is it the broken healthcare system?

Is it the obesity epidemic?

Is it sexual harassment?

Is it poverty, or homelessness, or domestic abuse?

Is it foreign relations?

Or is it simply that pothole at the end of your street that caused your car to require a costly repair?

There are countless issues that need attention and a person just can’t care enough about all of them to take action. Shit, the average person has a tough enough time just working and running a household. How on earth can WE find the time to take action to fix anything??! That’s probably the number one reason Trump is still in office. He’s certainly been delinquent enough to warrant a kick to the curb, but big politics are one of the very toughest nuts to crack. “Ain’t nobody got time for that”.

I have an idea, but it’s half baked and not nearly ready for the “Big Reveal”. In fact I have several ideas that all funnel into a giant master plan, but I have not had time to devote to putting it all together. See, I’m no exception to the rule.

So at the present moment, instead of beating myself up for not doing something more about global warming, I’m going to try and enjoy this shortest sunlit day of the year and inch myself toward a life where I can find purpose and truly make a difference.

Peace out, ✌️

~Miss SugarCookie

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