2017-12-28 It’s Finally Here

I was up just past 5AM and spent about 25 minutes on trolling through useless social media streams. Truly a waste of time.

I spent another 15 minutes looking for a new domain name to play with during my AWS courses.

I spent another 15 minutes applying updates to my laptop which I have been ignoring for weeks.

I’m thinking about lots of stuff and not wanting to get up because it’s too early but not wanting to lie here awake, not sleeping, and not being productive. I need to figure out how to just be at peace and not worry about always doing something.

My day today is pretty set…

Around 8 I’ll go to the gym.

By 10AM I need to be online because I have my first scrum of the day. (I’m totally excited about this, by the way). I used to hate our daily stand-up (sit down) at the last place. It was too many people with too much not relevant and the only saving grace was the comic relief provided by looking across the table at my co-worker who was always falling asleep. Ha!

That will be over in 15 minutes and then I’m going to spend the rest of the hour either working on an assignment, if there is one, and starting the next AWS course (hence my desire to find a new domain name to play with).

By 11AM, I will have the kids awake and gathering their things. As they prepare to leave, I will also be packing for 10 days away at my residency. It’s close enough I can come home if I need to but far enough away that I probably will not want to. I’m seriously wondering if I can get away with bringing my cat. She’s stayed with me in hotels before on vacation and does great in the car. I’d much rather have her with me than all alone at home waiting for Z to show up for 10 minutes and feed her. Not sure which way that one will go.

By noon, I will hopefully have everything set and ready to go and will take the kids out to lunch. It’s been a short week together and I won’t be seeing them for 10 days. Perhaps I will lobby with Brian to take them on NYE or something and they can come to the lodge with me and swim in the pool and we can play games. I won’t really know if that’s going to be appropriate until I get where I am going and sort it all out.

By 2 I’ll be dropping them off at Brians and heading back to the house to finish my prep. I already have a list, so I should be good to go.

By 3 I will be on the road and headed to my destination. I’m more excited than nervous or anxious which is a wonderful feeling considering I’ll be meeting a ton of strangers. Normally, when I go to some social thing, people already know people, and there are people who thrive on being in the spotlight, and there’s a constant hum of worry in my brain about what people might think of me.

I’m not really feeling that in this case. I’m not entirely sure why, besides the facts that we are all going for the same common goal and I have a suspect these other intellectual creative types will be very supportive. I hope I am right about that.

By 5 or 6 I should be all checked in and settled in and combing through the schedule of events. The resident advisor has been very forthcoming with “need to know” details and so I have it on good authority that my days will be packed.

Tonight is our first orientation and probably some sort of meet and greet and then a nice dinner.

Someone will be cooking for me for 10 days and cleaning my room while I am away at workshops for 10 days, and I will be able to just soak it all in, get creative, and formulate a plan for taking over the world with my poetry. Yup, sounds like a fantastic vacation to me.

If only it wasn’t going to be zero degrees outside!! I hear that area is lovely for hiking.

So, thats the master plan for my day.. I just need to make it to 8AM so it can begin. 😃

~Miss SugarCookie

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