2018-02-02 Curse That Beast and the Sun that Cast the Shadow

Six more weeks of winter? No!

I’m sort of compelled to look up stats on how often he’s been right. But “ain’t nobody got time for that”. (Actually I have time but I have better things to do).

I also wonder if Punxsutawney is a given name or a family name. Is Phil a boy or a girl? How long can one groundhog live? Is he/she a vampire woodchuck cursed to live and hibernate year after year for eternity in Gobblers Knob? And for what? Damn Germans!

You know if we blocked immigration from the beginning we wouldn’t have to endure these ridiculous traditions. You know if we blocked immigration from the beginning we wouldn’t have a country.

It was primarily Germans that fought Mexico in Texas during the Texas revolution. News flash.. they won. If the outcome would have been different, Mexico would have claimed the territory and all of its precious oil too. Maybe the Germans are ok after all.

If we didn’t allow immagrents from the beginning.. there would be no America. They established our nation and, yes, history is tarnished with bad things those people did, but they are what made America.

We don’t need to try and make America great. That’s aiming too high. Let’s shoot for good, benevolent, compassionate, open minded, and forward thinking. If we can achieve that, then we can set the bar higher.

We stand and fight for freedom. That includes the right to not believe in every tradition of any religion.. including Groundhog day!

I’m free to believe what I want and I believe and I choose to put my faith in the Universe it’s power to bring spring RIGHT NOW. 😜

Wash, rinse, repeat.

~Miss SugarCookie

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