2018-02-05 Super Bowl Highlights – And the Winner is?…

Tide! I mean, did you see those Patriots jerseys and Eagles pants? So white! That was the best four hour commercial for a laundry detergent I’ve ever seen!!

I watched the LIVE television broadcast over AIR with my HDTV bunny ears and my picture was crystal clear… so much better than streaming from my computer! Anyhow, it was actually pretty good and I did something I’ve never done before, which was watch the live twitter stream at the same time. Thousands of tweets later, all was said and done and another big game was history, but of course, the commercials are what really matters.

Here are my top 5 pics:

#1. Tide. For originality and making something people will remember.
#2. Amazon Echo. For the Lulz.
#3. Doritos Blaze/Mt. Dew Ice. For bringing the A game.
#4. Hyundai. For making me tear up AND supporting a cause. Props.
#5. Monster. For making a commercial that actually made me want to buy something.

Here are most of the game highlights in somewhat chronological order:

Sprint v. Verizon AI laughing at its maker – Slow clap. Sorry, I’m sticking with Cricket.
Dodge ram vikings – meh.
Bud Light Battle scene – Doesn’t meet expectations.
Solo Trailer – That’s what’s up!
Wendy’s throwing shade at McD – I’m lovin’ it!
Eagles dude catches the ball in the back of the end zone. cool cool.
Doritos Blaze GOT star Peter Dinklage – Right on.
Mountain Dew Ice Morgan Freeman – Double right on.
The Super-bowl add that was actually a Tide add – Nicely done.
Skyscraper trailer – Not super compelled to see that.
M and M with Danny DeVito – Average.
Dude kicks the football and it hits the goalpost on an extra point. That’s hard to do.
Bud Knight – The bar just got lower.
e*Trade 85 and I wanna go home – Slightly above average.
Mission impossible trailer – Probably won’t see that unless someone else pays for my ticket.
So I guess the Winter Olympics is happening soon.
It’s an Injury time out. A head injury. Unspecified. This is why football is so stupid.
Rocket mortgage and the Interpreter – Funny.
Avocados – OK they captured exactly how I have felt for 28 days without tortilla chips. The struggle is real.
Netflix Cloverfield paradox trailer – Looks scary but I cancelled my Netflix so ‘next’.
Diet coke twisted mango dancing – Just gross! Stop (but diet coke is gross so I guess the shoe fits)
Jeep, ‘where the road ends the best stories begin’ – Descent slogan, but still not buying a Jeep ever.
Another Tide add – Nice!
Weather Tech – What was that again?
Eagles touch down!!
Pringles Stack flavors to create spicy bbq pizza – I miss Pringles.
Fabreeze Bleep don’t stink – Average
Michelob ultra – yawn
Squarespace – what?!? WTF was that?
Dodge Ram Using Martin Luther King’s words – Such poor taste. You lose!
Touchdown Patriots and missed field goal. Hit the goalpost again? Unbelievable.
Australia – You had me at “G’day mate”, no need for commercials.
Turbo tax – meh
Persil – more laundry adds? It’s a good thing his shirt was pink or it would have been a Tide add.
Good girls trailer – This one is a maybe.
Eagles touchdown and finally they convert!
Local – Local – Local
Toyota and we are all one team – well done.
Olympics – Girl on fire

Halftime show – time to make dinner. Volume up so I can hear JT and not have to watch.

Jack Ryan Trailer – I dig it.
Verizon First responder – For the feels.
The Voice – Just terrible.
Cenex and the big cow in Audubon Iowa – Hey my friend Becky is from there!
Another touchdown from some team – these dudes are on fire.
Lexus -Meh
Tide is killing it.
Budweiser and the water – Nice to see.
Intuit – What is this add for again?
Eagles touchdown – or not. Announcers say no, refs say yes. Extra point is good.
Jeep rubicon Jeff Goldblum and Jurrasic park – Not bad.
Westworld trailer- Looks cool but I still won’t watch.
Turbo tax commercial – another one? They should have stopped after the first one.
Kia Stinger with Steven Tyler – I dig.
Blacture Launch – Made me want to google it.
Marvel Guardians + Avergers – A must see!
T mobile Change Starts Now – What change?
Jesus Christ Superstar – OK
Toyota – start your impossible – OK
Wix website design platform – OK
Kraft family night – OK, must be getting late in the game.
Today show – Why promote this? You either watch or you don’t.
NFL cuts in with some strange stuff – Is this just to fill time they didn’t sell?
This half is too much football and not enough commercials.
Monster – the first commercial that actually made me want to buy a product. Well done!
Michelobe Ultra “We Like Beer” – The person who came up with that slogan should be fired.
Groupon Something something.
Amazon echo Alexa lost her voice – Top 5.. This one made me laugh out loud.
Dude’s got over 1000 yards so far? That’s offensive.
Coke and a coke for everyone – Spreading diabetes to the whole world. Thanks Coke!
Universal with Peyton manning – Again, I don’t need a commercial for this.. I’d go.
Hyundai – made my eyes tear up. Props for supporting a cause.
Stella, Matt Daemon, and the water charity request – OK
Dude makes another questionable touchdown, so say the announcers.
Jeep driving in unrealistic places – Eye roll.
This Is Us. Looks like a good show… If I watched TV.
Looks like the Eagles win… or maybe it was Tide, I’m pretty sure it was Tide.

That’s it for another year. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

Peace and Pieces,
~Miss SugarCookie

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