2018-02-03 Fast Forward Friday

It was the morning, now all of a sudden it is night. That is how my Friday has gone.

Today has been a little off. A little outside the lines. A little of everything unexpected, yet nothing so far out I couldn’t just roll with it. It’s going to end the way it typically does, though, which I can’t decide if that is good or bad.

It’s Friday night and I didn’t really make any plans. Why do I never make plans for Friday nights? (or Saturdays for that matter)? Am I waiting for something completely magical to happen and I’m so open that I can just say “Yes, I’ll fly to DC with you and we’ll party and sightsee all weekend”. It’s OK though, I’ve never really wanted to see DC anyway.

As it turns out, my ex-husband is “really stressed out” from his job or something and he and his girlfriend decided they wanted to get away for the weekend so I agreed to take the kids even though they are supposed to be at his place this weekend. It’s kind of a relief because I’m feeling lonely and even if my darling daughter is in a pissy mood and scowling at me all weekend and my son goes on a gaming marathon, they will still be here to eat and talk with. I like cooking us meals.

We went to the Redbox because I really wanted to watch a movie together but there is absolutely nothing we all wanted to see. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry and has produced zero worthy movies that a mom and her two teenage kids can enjoy together without feeling like we just wasted two hours of our life. So then we got in our car and came home and now are each in our own little secluded areas of the house. Together yet alone.

I’m not even sure what to do now. It’s still pretty early and C said I should read a book I like. “Not a homework book”, he said. “Something you enjoy for fun”.

When I asked Z she said “Go do homework, it’s more important”. Neither one of their responses is unexpected. That is exactly the choice they would make for themselves if they were in my shoes.

Since I was doing creative writing this morning (that’s right – I am now writing poems from my elliptical machine too) instead of writing my blog, I decided now was the perfect time for THIS. Even as I type though, I am becoming sleepy. There’s something about sitting in bed at 9PM with a book or writing that just takes a perfectly good, wide awake thread, and circles it down into a sleepy pile. Yeah. It happens just like that.

Anyway, I don’t think I am going to get much more accomplished of anything tonight. I swear, first thing tomorrow I am going to get up straight away and tackle something on my to-do list. I solemnly swear…

I am up to no good,
~Miss SugarCookie


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