2018-04-23 Lifting Weights

Great Scott, I’ve done it again! It’s been a short 3 weeks since I officially sent in my last big assignment for my MFA and as soon as I pulled the trigger on that, the clock started ticking on #4. As of about 4:30 this afternoon, that was sent and it feels as though a giant weight has been lifted off me.

Not only is it the last of the semester, which means the pressure is off to do more reading at least for a little while, but today the kids went to their dad’s for the rest of the week and so there is peace and quiet in my house again.

I love them, but it’s incredibly difficult to concentrate on anything when they are in constant need of something. Even if the need is not constant, at any inopportune moment they could decide they do need something and it is like being at work and being constantly interrupted by people asking questions.

RH… It sucks right?!?!

I gave myself a pass for the rest of the day to not immediately start a to-do list of things that have been neglected and need to get done. I know what they are, and my brain can’t escape that, but if I hold off for just one night, then hopefully I can relax and enjoy this beautiful evening (after my 8PM conference call anyway). Truth is though, what I might need more than anything is a good night sleep. So it could come to pass that my call comes and goes and I go straight to bed. With the weight of school lifted for now, I should be able to sleep easy.

The other consequence of that weight being lifted is that it will open the door to lifting more weights. Both figuratively and literally. I think I’m going to switch up my work out routine quite a bit and add some more heavy lifting to the mix. This will need to be balanced out by doing less of something else, but I guess I will figure that out as I go. As I go, As I go. Going, going, gone.

That’s enough for now.
Tomorrow is the new normal.
~Miss SugarCookie

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