2018-05-16 Short Slide Into Summer

It’s Hump-T-Hump day again and were also over the hump of the month of May and now we’re on the downhill slide toward June. I broke down and turned my air conditioning on last night. First time of the season. That’s the measure of how long Spring is in the Midwest… how long you can go without running the heat or air. For me it was about two weeks. I think my heat was still kicking on a few weeks ago and now we’re topping out in the 80s during the day.

The kids have complained about it being too hot to sleep a couple of times and I’ve basically said, “open a window, kick off the covers, and turn on a fan.” I stopped short of re-telling tales of my childhood when we didn’t have AC. There were times we didn’t and my high school didn’t even have it.

I know their schools do because even now they are wearing sweatshirts because some of the classrooms are “freezing”. Whatever. 🙄 I wonder how much we could save tax payers and the government if we just ran the HVAC at the schools a little more efficiently. I bet nobody ever ran on a platform for office that included that (instead of the kinds of things I’ve seen pop up prior to yesterday’s primary).

The “school” put out so many messages and held meetings about the bond issue it’s no wonder they got the votes. They need to build more and make improvements on the existing structures. It looks like they got it. Good for them. That was specifically for my district, but it doesn’t affect my kids. I don’t think any of that money is allocated to their school. They will both be at the high school next year and truly only 4 more years and then they are done. It’s another vote that I don’t really care about. I probably should, but I don’t.

The only other vote I’m even a little interested in is for the senate and that’s because I know (or knew) one of the candidates personally. A hundred years ago we sort of frequented the same circles. She’s a bold personality with strong opinions and she’s never been afraid to share them. If she continues to be successful, I could see her escalating through the political ranks to some high office. Megan Hunt.

I knew her when she was Princess Lasertron and beginning to build her empire with a fierce entrepreneurial spirit. I could take a quick trip down memory lane about those days, but “ain’t nobody got time for that.” (That one never gets old for me 😂). In any case, I know she’s running for office for the right reasons and I hope she meets with much success. Looks like she is so far. Good for her.

How on earth did I get from talking about the weather to politics? I guess this hump is a slippery slope.

I’ve got some other thoughts on this most humpy of hump days but that’s a 180 turn from where I’m at now and I have to go practice my pirouette if I’m going to attempt that.

And one and turn and two…

~Miss SugarCookie

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