2018-07-05 One Day After Yesterday

I ended on such a high note yesterday. It was a total mic. 🎤 drop moment which begs the question… what happens now? What happens after the peak of something. Do you plateau at that height or is there some post apex drop back down to reality? Well I’m not about to stop blogging now so I guess I’ll find out.

I’m back at the gym this morning trying to inject some normal routine into my day but I’m just not feeling it. I forgot my water bottle, don’t seem to have energy to do the elliptical machine, and feel sort of ‘meh’ about all of it. Strange because when I woke this morning I felt so great. I felt well rested and refreshed. But rolling into the parking lot I just lost it.

I’m on the treadmill now trying to make the most of it. Perhaps the problem is that I know that on a normal day, once I’m done with the gym it will be time to get to work and for some reason I’m not looking forward to that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still loving it, but in the last week or so I’ve started to transition back to creative mode and really digging it. I’d much rather get home and crack a book and dive into poetry instead.

My brain is so much more useful in the mornings. The days I try to do too much and work and then try to do writing or school stuff, whatever comes second (or later in the day) always looses. The reality at this point is that I now have enough work every day to fill up a whole day so I have to pick and choose what to do and where to stop.

Oh hey – this may also be a factor in how I’m feeling… a lack of caffeine. Seems I’m never satisfied and always thinking there’s things I can do to make life better. It’s not a bad way to be but as things have been so great lately I wonder if I’m doing myself more harm than good with these little experiments. The lastest one is to stop the caffeine intake (again) and not depend on that every morning.

I mean, the body makes caffeine naturally so why not just let it do its thing and reduce the dependency on external sources? The answer is probably because it’s a tough transition. One might get Withdrawl headaches and of course there’s the reality that a person could feel how I feel today. Pretty ‘meh’.

Have I answered my own question yet about what happens the day after yesterday? Yeah, I think so. But clearly I have only myself to blame. Guess I’ll just pick that mic. back up and keep walking.

That’s enough about that already,

~Miss SugarCookie

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