2018-07-11 Preparations

I’m listening to what the Universe is DJ-ing up for me today. A shuffle from the master play list. Add a little caffeine and see how far that gets me. Yeah, I know, I know, I just swore off caffeine a few days ago. You think I would have learned from past experiments that’s a road that ends in failure. Sometimes, though, we need reminders about the truths in life. We forget and are destined to repeat our histories until we are reminded again.

Hey, isn’t that the definition of insanity? I digress. So I’m back on the caffeine and I don’t care. Back at the gym and I don’t care. Back to basics and I don’t care.

Yesterday was pretty bad-ass and I’m thinking today will be even better. I’ve got tons of work to choose from and lots of things on my personal to-do list that need to get done before I head out Friday. I’ve also got a lunch date with one of my besties, Barbie, and an appointment with my OBGYN (yay for having health insurance again)! 😜

Last night I started to really dig into my workshop packet for Residency. One of the lessons I learned last go-round was to read, comment, and be prepared to discuss. I’d never done workshop before so I had no idea what it was all about. More than once I felt unprepared, gathering my thoughts spontaneously, and even stupid for not getting one of the references in a poem (because I hadn’t just googled it first). It’s like that newbie mistake when you are on a new job and ask a question that would have been so easy if you’d just looked it up first. Not this time people. This time I’m coming prepared.

I’m going through each one, reading, re-reading, and picking out things to comment on. Lines I like and those I think need work, based on my opinions and also what I learned last semester. I’m still struggling with my own authority over the subject, but like anything, the more I learn, the more confidence I have. Poetry is no exception.

I’ll continue to do more evaluations today. My biggest hurdle on this besides my own self-doubt is reading something and having nothing to say. A read a few yesterday that I had no thought about. Perhaps that’s ok too.

When I get stuck, I put the packet down and do something else. It’s all good as long as I’ve done a good first pass by the time Friday gets here. Outside of that the only prep I need to for sure get done is picking out the poems of mine I’m going to read at the student reading. Hopefully I’ll have that done today and then I’ll be one more check box ✅ closer to having it all done.


Today’s post was brought to you by JET, Cake, BareNakedLadies, John Mayer, Nick Jonas, LIVE, Blues Traveler, Death Cab, Taylor Swift, Snow Patrol, and of course as always Mr. MRAZ.

Still Spinnin’,

~Miss SugarCookie

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