2018-07-13 Friday the 13th 😱

Don’t be scared.. nothing terrifying is going on – except .. MFA Residency starting!!! 😮🤔😃

Of course my period also started today cuz it wouldn’t be a party without THAT happening. Cramps worse than usual and I’m self medicating with ibuprofen and iced vanilla latte. In true procrastinator fashion I didn’t start packing until today. I mean, I did the laundry.. how long can it take to throw some things in a bag? The answer, if you are me and overthink everything, I’d about 2 hours.

Seriously. I was 90% done by 9am and THEN decided to make a list. Good grief. I couldn’t leave my house this morning anyway cuz I had to wait for Fed-ex to deliver a package that required signature. Equipment for work which was on my list to pack (not what I want, but necessary). Anyway, I’m now 98% packed including the work eq. and made it to the gym to get one last round in on MY elliptical before being AWOL for 10 days!! 😱

Don’t fret about that either, hopefully my gear-shifting will only provide more time and dedication to my primary purpose.. writing and POETRY! I’m NOT looking forward to the elliptical machine at the lodge, it’s a tough SOB, so daily posts written in my typical multi-tasking method are less likely.

Did I finish my to-do list before leaving? No. But that was expected and just as I predicted the priority things worked themselves out. Everything else can wait until I return. What doesn’t get done didn’t really need doing. Such is life.

Once this session at the gym is over, I’m loading up my car and heading out. I’m going the wrong direction first, to visit Jim before I head south to Nebraska City. He’s going to come down for a visit while I am there, but that won’t be for another week. It’s been a long time since we were apart for a whole week. I’m sure we’ll still talk regularly, but it’s just not quite the same.

Hopefully there won’t be any unexpected Friday the 13 shenanigans coming my way today so I can coast through the arrival, check-in, welcome session, and first dinner without too much trouble. “You hear that Universe? No funny business!!” 😜

Ready, Set, MFA!

~Miss SugarCookie

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