2018-08-09 Morning Musings and Stock Tips

My head is seriously not screwed on straight this AM. I woke shortly after 6 and thought about life for a while, by perusing through twitter and FB, not my normal wake up thang. It was what?! 7:30 before I knew it. Social media is such a time suck. I felt tired. I wandered downstairs to put clothes in the dryer, scooped the litter box, and swept the floor. All my workout stuff is in the laundry, and I had nothing to wear to the gym. Great.

I rinsed the dishes and loaded up the dishwasher and started that. I then checked the production environment and made a quick to-do list for my work day today. By now it’s 8am.

I stared in my closet for 15 minutes deciding what would be ok to workout in. I should tear a page out of the Bird-Girl playbook (who I haven’t seen for a few months now) and just put on some Friday night clubbing wear and slippers. Or not. 😂

I grab my stuff and take it to the car. I’ve got some serious crabgrass growing next to my driveway and for some reason I decide RIGHT NOW is the moment I’m going to take care of that. 20 minutes later, I give up that fight and get in my car to leave. Now it’s like 8:30 and I’m Wondering where all the precious minutes have gone.

Arriving at the gym, I walk to the locker room first to drop my keys and sweatshirt. That’s when I realize I must have dropped my headphones. I retract my steps back to the front desk, where manager dude, let’s call him Troy, recognizes me and hands me my headphones. I really want to tell him he should fight for his employees and demand that the corporate man pay them more than minimum wage. But I just take my headphones and smile and say thank you instead.

As I’m walking back to the locker room I have a vague feeling I’m missing something. By the time I’m opening locker 115 (my current weight goal), I know my phone is not in there. I left it at home on my desk. Damn that AWS Multi Factor Authentication!

Well shit! I can’t exercise without music and I can’t get this blog written if I don’t have my phone with me on my elliptical. It’s so important to me that I left, got back in my car, and drive back home. Good grief. Luckily I live like 2 minutes from my gym. By the time I retrieve my phone and return it’s 8:45.

Then it’s back to the lockers and into the dry sauna with my sorry head-not-screwed-on-straight ass. I didn’t make it out to the machines until about 9am. So sad. Sad enough that I felt compelled to recount the whole morning, blow by pathetic blow.

Well I’m on it now. The Man in Black is on the treadmill at the end of the row and I’m in my happy place and everything is right with the world again.

A few days ago I wrote about my recent decision to get hormone therapy. Today marks the end of week 1 and so far I’m not feeling any different. The mid-level practitioner who did the procedure said it would take a few weeks for me to notice anything so how I’m feeling now I suppose is ok. However, I’m still tender in my booty and the incision site itches like hell. Is hell itchy? I imagine it’s very itchy. Probably like a poison oak rash all over your body. So maybe my butt isn’t itchy like hell. It’s probably itchy like purgatory.. if you believe in that sort of thing. 😉

I digress. I just looked up and the TV monitor is displaying some newscast where the current image is a capture of a tweet. The media using twitter as a source or reference is such a terrible thing and a sad example of what the news has become. I’m too far from the TV to read the tweet, so it could be a harmless fluff piece promoting a weekend music festival. However, it could also be a tweet from the Trump.

Twitter is a forum where people can say anything they want. They can spread fake news and promote their opinions as fact. Then the media can take that, put their own spin on it, and waa-laa! .. objective achieved. The only defense is to believe it’s all lies or at least do your own research. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I find it’s actually easier to be in denial of all the fake news.

Also, if you have stock in Twitter, you need to sell that shit. There is a story arc that all these publicly traded tech companies have in the Market. It starts slow, then gains momentum and becomes a sort of exponential incline to a solid peak. That peak can last a while and have some ups and downs but technology changes too fast and human beings have short attention spans and love the shiny new things and nothing lasts forever. Twitter hit its peak and it will most likely be all downhill from here.

Obvi the point of trading stocks is to buy low and sell high. My advice with twitter is to get out now, while the getting is still good. If you have 💰you want to gamble, my advice is to put that on Amazon (or Google or Microsoft or IBM). That is, if your mind is set you need a tech stock.

These cloud giants are where it’s at. They all have deep pockets and have already pushed out most of the small potatos. You have to have a ginormous bank roll to build the infrastructure necessary to be a good host and they are all racing to be the market leader in this space.

Of course, diversity is key so pick the one that has their fingers in multiple pies and is doing well across all their products and offerings. For that reason, my money is on Amazon. And that’s no t just because I’m an AWS fan girl (though there’s something to that for sure). But what do I know?..I’m just a simple SugarCookie who forgot her phone when she left the house this morning. 😏

How in the world did I wander from musing about my absent minded morning to giving advice on tech stocks? Ain’t that some shit!!

Thank You Happy More Please,

~Miss SugarCookie

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