2018-08-10 Making Friday Great Again

Alexa told me about Space Force about 7 weeks ago (rough flawed memory guess). Yesterday it was all over my social media feeds, liberals angry that America doesn’t have money for basic needs programs yet can invest potentially billions in a new arm of the armed forces. The disgust is warranted, but to me this is old news. I mean, it must be a slow news week for this to be a thing. Ether that or there’s some other story SOMEONE is trying to sweep under the rug.

At this point I’m so jaded that I believe this “latest” development in the Turnip saga is just a ploy to poke democrats and keep them angry. I can just picture the Turnip in his office with top advisors, drinking Scotch, playing Cards Against Humanity, and brainstorming ways to piss-off the Dems. Somebody played the “NASA” card along with the “starving children” card and they all gave each other sideways glances until someone laughed maniacally and said “that’s brilliant”.

Then Turnip snickers and says “hey guys, hey, watch this. I’m gonna announce a new branch of the armed forces on twitter right now, watch this!”.

But Whatever.

The US is only 20 trillion dollars in debt, so how about this. We fund this new Space Force AND make America’s water clean AND fix healthcare AND make sure kids all have enough healthy food to eat AND let immigrants fleeing broken lives into the country to establish new lives and become contributing members of our “Great Again” America.

I mean, what’s another few trillion dollars?

In other news, and reporting a little closer to home, is the fact that I arrived at the gym this morning with all my required things (water bottle, headphones, and phone – yay for me), and upon mounting my elliptical discovered that my favorite gym playlist has been removed from my music library. Thanks Apple! It was probably user error somehow, but I can’t imagine how that happened. I also have 3 new empty “untitled” playlists. WTH?

All I can think is that instead of butt-dialing my ex and leaving a long silent voicemail, I butt-edited my music library. Is that a thing? I’m sure it’s possible.

Today is Fri-Yay and I’m gonna kick ass at work and meet a friend for lunch and take my kids swimming this afternoon. I can’t make America Great but I can sure as hell make my own life great.

Go Go Gadget Space Force!

~Miss SugarCookie

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