2018-08-17 French-Toast Friday

A few days ago my darling daughter initiated a game called “get to know you better”. In the game we take turns asking each other questions that reveal more about our character and through doing that we get to know each other better. There are two amazing things about this..

1. She’s 16 and most mothers of teenage girls might tell you that at this stage of the game the relationship is strained and it’s a struggle to get any positive conversation going. I’ve heard horror stories about fights and weeks going by without a kind word.

2. She’s the one who initiated this game which speaks volumes about her maturity and desire to have deeper connections with the people in her life.

We played for about an hour and took turns asking each other things. It was everything from specific favorite color (which led to us googling the difference between turquoise and teal and aqua) and what facial features about ourselves that we would change. I learned that she wants to go back to SanDiego and would also like to go to Disney World.

Fun fact: she looks a lot like me and has many of the same features as I do. When discussing our facial features, we had polar opposite thoughts. She loves her long eye lashes and would change the bump in her nose. I love the bump in my nose and wish my eyelashes were longer. For me, that bump represents something different and interesting which adds to my character and my eyelashes are ok, but that’s me just wanting something ok to be a little bit better. So probably a little selfish. Her not liking her nose just means she hasn’t come to terms with accepting her own flaws. I hope my expressing my liking my nose sent a message that she’s beautiful too, just the way she is. I hope.

Later that day we were sitting at the kitchen table and C was there too so I tried to start it back up engaging him in the conversation too. He wasn’t as enthusiastic about the game as Z was and most answers were “I don’t know”. That’s a more typical teenage response and I didn’t press him. The one question, however, that we went on a tangent about was “what’s your favorite alternate swear word”. They both said “fudge”. (I’ve noticed Z saying the original a lot lately). /shrug

After that we started naming as many as we could think of that we regularly use.. shut the front door, son of a buiscuit, schnikey, cheese and crackers, holy hand grenades, and my personal favorite.. “French Toast”, which often comes out as “Mother French Toast”. 😜

This whole long blog intro is actually an explanation for the title. Why is it French roast Friday? Because I’m now in full on panic mode about school. T minus 6 days until that first assignment is due and I have to crank out two critical essays for which I don’t even have topics yet. 😱

A more appropriate title would be “Mother French-Toast Friday”. And on that not it’s time to stop writing and start reading!! I’m probably going AWOL for a few days so I can crank this one out. I hope the Universe is on my side.

Crossing Fingers and Toes,

~Miss SugarCookie

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