2018-08-21 What Happens When You Ignore Poetry

On Sunday I was so hopped up on caffeine and quite inspired by everything that I had been reading. All I wanted to do was write poetry, all I needed to do was write an essay for school, all that came out instead was an overly dramatic blog post where I declared that in the end of two weeks time, I’d claim some imaginary title from the HBO sensation Game of Thrones. I would ask myself “what was I thinking?”, but it’s pretty clear when I go back and read that blog entry so I don’t have to ask.

I ignored the poetry, procrastinated the essay, and binged watched some “Colony” with Jim instead. Monday came and I continued to ignore the poetry plus I also ignored work. I wrote an essay, and went to a Concert instead. Tuesday arrived and having completed my first packet of the semester, I dove back into work.. continuing, of course, to ignore the poetry.

It’s the end of the day now and I’ve worked a full 8 hours, did all the parenting stuff, all the chores, and even had a quick call with Jim to round out my day. I figured I would settle in now and write a little poetry. But guess what? That is not how that works. Can I just sit down and choose a topic and write? Not tonight apparently. I think I might have snubbed poetry for so long that it decided not to stick around. Serious bummer.

So now I’m sitting in my bed, getting very sleepy typing. Perhaps I will fall asleep and dream the poetry back to my bedside? Perhaps in the morning when I wake it will be waiting for me, watching me hopeful that I’m in the mood… for poetry. In any case, when it does show back up, I’ll be ready and I won’t turn it away again. As the Universe is my witness “I vow to never, ever ignore Poetry again”.

Sweet Dreams Now and Always,
~Miss SugarCookie

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