2018-08-22 Something About Priorities.. Blah Blah blah…

Sure sure, there’s ALWAYS something that needs to get done. But what is truly needed? Need has become subjective. In the current throw away and start over society most of us have what we “need”. I’m strictly speaking for the middle class. Or maybe the middle upper class? I try to not think too much about categorizing myself. I would say that maybe I’m just trying to exclude people in poverty as I type this but there is some truth that extends into that class. It’s all relative. Most Americans are who I’m talking about. Those with roofs over their head and though they may not have a retirement plan, they are also not hungry. The collective “they” doesn’t really “need” anything. It’s all abstract and subject to interpretation under a microscope built by Maslow himself.

Case in point.. I don’t “need” to mow my lawn. Society has prescribed short grass free of weeds as the acceptable display in front of ones personal property. Here in the Midwest it’s Kentucky Blue grass. Drive south to Houston or southwest to Arizona or New Mexico and that’s just crazy talk. Thank goodness there are reasonable boundaries grounded in the reality that Kentucky Blue grass is impossible in some climates. Not here though.

I don’t want to mow my lawn today. Yup, that’s what this diatribe is all about. Next you’ll find me elevating this to the point where I’m claiming that my choice to not mow is a religious freedom and the city citing me with fines for breaking code is unconstitutional. Let them try. I just wanna write today. Scratch that… I NEED to write today.

It is out of necessity that I flipped that switch on last week and now it’s SO ON. Here are some other things I should do but the “need” doesn’t feel too great today…

Work (cuz I need to pay my bills).

Process tomatos from my garden (cuz they are threatening to take over).

Exercise (cuz if I don’t, I’ll never get started)

Eat Healthy (cuz I want to take care of myself and live a long time).

Clean my house (just kidding.. I never need to do that 😜).

Who am I kidding. I don’t have time to fight with the Man. Ain’t nobody got time for that. 😉 I’ll probably get home from the gym and mow right away. Then I’ll work all day. Then I’ll do my best to be a good parent. Then I’ll be too tired to do anything else. Then I will NEED sleep. That will be a real need and not a fake made up need. Such is life.

Truth is, I just want to cross everything off the list so when the bday celebrations start, I’ll be free and clear to party my ass off. And by party my ass off, what I mean is relax with friends and family with a few adult beverages doing things I love to do.. laugh, tell stories, and hopefully write.

Yup, now that the truth is out I can just go back my regularly scheduled programming. The sooner I hit it the sooner I can quit it.

Welcome to the Peacock Paraide,

~Miss SugarCookie


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