2018-08-24 In a Haze, a Sleepy DayGaze

Last nights dinner was OK. There was a bit of a damper on it because I was super tired and not really in the right mood. We met at my sister’s new apartment and walked from there to the restaurant. The food was average, the margarita gave me a headache, and the only person in the mood to talk was our mom.

It was just mom, myself, and my two sisters. My middle sister is super quiet naturally and never really says much unless asked. I try to ask questions but when I do I always feel as though I’m prying. I’m not one to pry so when it’s the four of us the conversation always just centers around other people. Mostly mom.

I’ve oft wondered about the nurture/nature puzzle and been curious how such an extroverted person could wind up with four introverted children. My youngest sister is the most outgoing of all of us, she’s probably right on the cusp between introvert and extrovert. She recently took the Meyers-Briggs and was INFJ. I’m INTJ. Pretty close cuz I’m always in the middle of F/T.

I’ve taken that test no less than 6 times. The first time being a team building exercise in about 1994. It always comes up with the same result but by now I’ve learned what each question is trying to reveal so it’s sort of like a self fulfilling prophesy. I know what type I am and tend to answer in that direction.


My mind is wandering. I can’t seem to focus to save my life. I’m reminiscing, daydreaming, and contemplating everything and nothing all at once.


The one drink I had last night gave me a headache and by the time I was gone and getting ready for bed, it was worse. I took a pill (though I was not in Ibiza). It was promethazine. That’s for nausea. It’s what I used to take when I got a migraine so I could sleep. It would curb the urge to throw up and after sleeping my headache would always be gone. I wasn’t having a migraine last night but really just wanted deep sleep. I might be getting more sleep than ever but I’m a light sleeper so maybe the quality is not that good. I dunno.

That prescription is super old hence the pills are long expired. I wondered if that would cause them to not be as effective. I think the answer is yes because I didn’t feel any medicine-y feeling when I woke at 12, and 3, and 6. Still, I kind of feel extra tired today and I’m wondering if that is connected. /shrug


No new news today. My mood sort of matches the haze outside and I feel as though I’d rather sit around in a dreamy fog than all the other things I have to do.

Alas, I have to get to work instead.

Sailing Away Soma Style,

~Miss SugarCookie

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